The application of modular UPS power supply system in television center -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
The application of modular UPS power supply system in television center. Modular UPS power supply, improve the reliability of power supply system, important measures to ensure continuous operation, has set up a file in the radio and TV security broadcast system is widely used. But improper selection modular UPS power supply, power supply scheme design is unreasonable, cause significant air safety accidents have occurred. With the application of high frequency technology, modular UPS power arises at the historic moment. The application of modular UPS power supply system in television center front room is the heart of the cable TV system, in order to guarantee its work stability, generally choose the single-phase three-phase input output type. Rated power is commonly IOkVA on-line modular UPS, it USES the launch of a new type of device IGBT module in recent years, its external battery can be on-demand increase or decrease, for the long time delay of UPS laid the foundation of hardware. This UPS display circuit can accurately reflect the running status of equipment and related data, has strong self-diagnosis function at the same time, the group for satellite receiving set, modulator, light emitting units, front end equipment such as network switches provide don't ask, don't break, high purity of the power supply. Room before not pick UPS, when television blackouts during the trip, the trunk amplifier for electric power supply and the front-end signal was interrupted. Even cities and counties in fiber optic cable transmission of several sets of programs with the attached battery protection, modulator and also because the telecom room equipment such as power led to the suspension of programs. Modular UPS power supply spare parts cost is greatly reduced, only need one power module for spare parts, don't even need to spare parts, because if a power module is damaged, the machine still work, can be directly hot fault module to send. With the rapid development of radio and TV monitoring, monitoring equipment, management means constantly improve the technology, the traditional power supply has gradually appeared in daily in the operation of the system defects, can't protect our monitoring system for continuous running 24 hours a day. Radio and television monitoring radio and TV security broadcast is a very important one link, assuming the scheduling of radio and television, transmission and control in the process of safeguard role, for ensuring high quality radio and television broadcast, plays an important role. From the point of the global market, modular UPS power products occupy market share is growing rapidly, and to meet the growth of the proportion with the blade. At present our country the development of modular UPS power supply is also quite fast, for some television system center UPS applications, modular UPS can completely meet the needs of users, not only can save space, reduce the installation and transportation cost, and extend the flexible, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving. Modular UPS power installation method determines the power of a single module will not be too big. From the perspective of power levels, this is undoubtedly a modular UPS. The emergence of modular UPS provides users with a new power supply scheme design & ndash; — Regional power supply, the power supply place into different areas, according to the different parts of the configuration of different power supply system. 2 1, the system is simple and practical, safe and reliable, provides the dual power supply output, meet the demand of each server 3, 4 can be gradually expanded to save system for the first time investment, can according to the need to improve the system zero voltage 5 6, green environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent monitoring, humanized management in pieces the characteristics of modular UPS power supply system of high reliability of modular UPS N + X redundant power supply system, system of the actual load of the size of the equipment capacity is closely related with the reliability of the system, the actual load is lower, the higher the system redundancy, the higher the system reliability. This is precisely what ordinary UPS. Mixer system availability, high availability is the ability to measure the system to provide the continuous service. Modular UPS power N + X redundancy technology of module, can online fault module, hot-swappable MTTR pieces can be regarded as 0 on-demand expansion modular UPS by using modular structure, can be found in a wide range of 20 kva to the 480 kva, in 20 kva to expansion and on-demand online at any time, customers no longer need to is just for the possibility of future investment huge fees in advance. Mixer high efficiency and energy saving & ndash; — Reduce operational costs usually take less, with UPS the worse efficiency. And modular UPS power supply, even if only 15% of the rated capacity, load the machine efficiency more than 90%; When the load reached 27%, the efficiency is as high as 94%. Efficiency on the percentage of each step, the saving of energy consumption spending is an important step forward. As broadcasters on the availability of the demand is higher and higher, the fault-tolerant technology of power supply system for radio, film and television data room, highlight the necessity of using redundant resources, modularized UPS system has a stronger ability to tolerate failure, namely in the case of failure, still can make sure the system of inverter output, as the key equipment such as servers and storage forms network system to provide clean and stable power supply, to ensure the reliable transmission of TV media. In order to prevent the mains input interrupt, tripping, mains voltage fluctuation on the computer room equipment safety Pi the influence of the line, radio and television transmission equipment room should use modular UPS power supply. Broadcast television in recent years, the transmission system USES the modular on-line UPS, improves the quality of power supply, avoid many of the blackout accidents caused by electric.
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