The application of modular UPS and performance

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
Users in UPS capacity is expected, often underestimate or high expected would happen, modular UPS power effectively solve the above problem, help users in the case of the future development direction is unclear phased construction and investment. When users need to increase the load, just according to the planning stage of increasing power module. Modular UPS application field is very wide, in the center of the data processing, IT equipment room, telecommunications, finance, securities, transportation, taxation, health care system and so on all can see the figure of modular UPS. Compared to its application, also it has a high performance. 1, the structure of the module. According to the requirements of the user to add. 2, the N + X redundancy technology, provide redundancy upgrade system, can upgrade at any time according to user requirements. Solve various problems for external reason, performance is more reliable. 3, with green energy, its input THDI≤ 5%, and the input/output current can be balanced distribution, ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 4, using continuous current mode ( CCM) Run, can effectively reduce the electric interference ( RFI/EMI) 。 5, modular UPS has small volume, convenient late to maintenance technicians. 6, modular UPS system controller can communicate in time and diagnosis and characteristic of the system performance analyzer for its operation.
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