The advantages of precision distribution cabinets and characteristics

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
First, the traditional distribution using pointer instrument or digital display instrument, only limited monitoring parameter distribution ark, meet the needs of basic, power distribution ark adopts high integration, high reliability of computer motherboards, all operation parameters of the comprehensive monitoring system, and through the HMI display, reduced to occupy space distribution, increase the power distribution ark volume rate. Second, the traditional distribution cabinets only have power distribution management function, will be to the load power distribution cabinet; And accurate distribution ark, besides the power distribution management, but also has the function of operation management and safety management, effective to improve the reliability of the whole distribution system, reduce the risk. Third, the traditional distribution loop less support, covers an area of big whole; High precision distribution ark adopts high precision integration module, improves the cabinet put oneself in another's position of volume, support more circuits, reduce cover an area of an area. Features: 1. Perfect monitoring system of measuring the complete electrical information, for the power supply system to provide effective management and risk early warning. To monitor 84 feeder circuit and 1 road power into the line of electrical parameters, provide the main power supply into line and the running of each branch circuit, power and harmonic current and so on complete information. Accurate distribution ark can cooperate leakage acquisition unit to realize on-line leakage monitoring function, at the same time cooperate with temperature sensor attachment on the column head inside temperature real-time monitoring, improve the security of the power supply system in the computer room. 2. Advanced alarm function of multilayer alarm Settings can prevent potential failure, to ensure that the response to take measures in advance to pass by load, overvoltage, undervoltage, three-phase imbalance, isolation transformer temperature, lightning protection failure parameters such as multilayer alarm Settings. Through the display unit or professional gateway can cooperate the first time will alarm information through the display, sound and light alarm, SMS and email way of managers. 3. High precision, wide range to provide accurate measurement data at the same time meet the needs of various meet monitoring of racks and blade server power supply, a variety of feeder CT range choice will be to minimize the measurement error. Branch circuit biggest support 100 a loop measurement requirements. 4. The performance of the high performance, high integration and high integration products, very good to ensure the equipment running more stable and safe. , by means of concentrated processing branch measurement products high level of integration, power monitoring collection device size is only ( 214 * 168) , can be in the column header tank within a relatively narrow space free installation, greatly enhance the capacity of rack installation and overall stability, more convenient user later maintenance. 5. Intelligent monitoring system for operation and power of management more efficient to let users understand the load operation in time, and can realize the monitoring and alarm of each PDU power source, multilayer alarm Settings to prevent potential power failure, making it easy for users to help identify potential safety hazard, and avoid the risk of power distribution. Alarm comprehensive, achieve accurate distribution, reduce the user local power outage caused by wrong operation. System can save 3000 local historical records and the fault information, data acquisition has strong real-time performance, provide key data analysis, making it easy for users to analyze the cause of the problem.
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