The advantages and disadvantages of UPS power supply and power frequency high frequency UPS power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
The superiority of one, the working principle of the UPS power frequency is higher. UPS power frequency data are measured by using digital signal processing technology to ensure fast, flexible, resulting in a rapid control variables, can ensure that the charger and inverter in real time control. UPS power frequency than high frequency UPS has the stronger ability of short circuit protection and stronger overload capacity. Because of unstable China grid environment and interference by some external conditions, so the requirement of short circuit and overload ability is also higher. USES the power frequency UPS, will greatly improve the security and stability load equipment. Second, the high frequency machine UPS UPS input power factor is high. Under power frequency machine UPS200kva input circuit of SCR has been adopted six pulse rectifier, input power factor is less than 0. 8, harmonic current is 30%. If meet in front of the generator, the capacity of the generator must be at least 3 times the UPS, if it is a small single-phase power, the capacity of UPS machine must be at least five times the capacity of UPS but any high frequency machine UPS power factor can be 0. 99 or even more, the harmonic current is less than 5%, front generators and UPS capacity theory, greatly reduce the investment and area and so on. That there is make full use of the mains has good economic and social significance. Three, high frequency UPS than UPS power frequency low consumption. Under the same indicators, if you want the input power factor is 0. More than 95, machine UPS power frequency and harmonic filter or change to 12 pulse rectifier, because need to add a in front of the equipment, coupled with the output transformer, so down than high-frequency machine UPS link, make the machine power frequency UPS UPS than high-frequency machine. In the same US is the capacity of 100 kw power frequency machine than high-frequency machine UPS5 million kilowatt hour! Four, high frequency UPS adaptable to power grid. Should machine UPS power frequency as the input voltage & plusmn; 15% of the change is not easy; And high frequency machine UPS shall be the input voltage & plusmn; More than 30% of the change, which in turn greatly extended the life of UPS.
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