The advantages and disadvantages of lead-acid batteries

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
Lead-acid battery as energy storage device, it has the electromotive force can be high, good reversibility, wide range of temperature, charging and discharging characteristics such as rich and cheap raw materials, obtained the widespread application, while lead-acid battery has these advantages, but in the data center, the large-scale application of lead-acid storage battery also has exposed its shortcomings, the weight room bearing problem, maintenance requirement is high, the relatively short life, and also rich in toxicity. 1, the advantages of lead-acid batteries since 150 years ago the first lead-acid battery, it is still three computer spare energy storage solution, can effectively meet the demand of data center is the unique power supply, its economic features no other mainstream technology can match, lead-acid battery usage is not in the center of the data, such as electric cars, can obtain the stability of the normal use, but most of the time in the idle state, lead-acid battery charged with dc power for its first, converts electrical energy into chemical energy storage, when the mains in short supply, UPS rely on energy stored in the storage battery to maintain the normal operation of the inverter, in the meantime, lead-acid batteries can provide adequate backup time, back when the mains, battery recharged again, then into the late, in addition, lead-acid battery prices are relatively low, which is the most cost-effective energy storage solutions. 2, lead-acid batteries, there are some glaring shortcomings of: ( 1) High maintenance cost of UPS products currently include the use of battery is usually called & other; Maintenance-free lead-acid battery & throughout; Need at least twice, in fact, they face in check, no corrosion, to ensure that they are working in good condition as well as the close connection between single battery only. ( 2) The reliability of the unforeseen dangers in order to ensure the reliability of the battery, to monitor the quality of battery is the only way. However, each test will reduce the battery capacity and shorten its service life. Although the most modern UPS built-in battery test scheme can reduce the wear and tear, but did not eliminate. ( 3) Replace the high cost of the service life of the sealed lead acid battery is commonly 4 to 5 years, and the life of the UPS is generally them 2 to 3 times, so in a complete life cycle of UPS, data centers need to change the cost of battery pack is in the initial budget. ( 4) Low energy density lead-acid battery as the heavy quality, volume is larger, a typical medium-sized UPS battery pack is about 5 to 8 tons, need to consider placing position and bearing problems. ( 5) Battery capacity test battery monitoring system, both offline and online way, must be set standby power as a precautionary measure, to ensure safety, however, when testing for battery pack quantity, discharge time is long, and in a timely manner after discharge, the required manpower and power consumption is very big, the battery itself also has a certain loss. Links in the process of operation, on and off the battery and the dummy load, due to the potential difference of village operating dangerous goods. And detection process is very complex and expensive. ( 6) High processing costs of UPS battery pack all contain large amounts of toxic sulfuric acid, therefore, to deal with out battery needs expensive cost. Usually, used batteries can be used for recycling, recycling battery needs corresponding processing, in accordance with the requirements of the country made one of the bags manufacturers recycling freight, so early to purchase battery is should take later disposal expenses into consideration.
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