The advantages and disadvantages of dc power supply

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Dc power supply is general advantage promote efficiency and cost savings. This concept is very simple, your data center will by eliminating losses in the process of conversion of electric power resource in order to save money. Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory in California once held a demonstration in 2006, compared the data center of ac and dc. The laboratory said, the data center through the use of dc power distribution can save up to 20% of the electricity costs. In addition, the individual server or other hardware system on the power supply basically has been removed, because the power supply has reached the rack in the form of dc, can according to need to adjust to the lower voltage. This eliminates the need for redundant power supply, but also eliminates the noise produced by their cooling fan and fault happens. By power of DC power supply distribution brought about by the actual saving resource is still a controversial issue, and after testing by such as green grid, questioned the data center using the ultimate difference between AC and DC power supply. Green grid organization, for example, the report concluded that there were no significant differences between distribution method & ndash; — Mainly because in every possible load conditions, without a single AC or DC allocation more efficient, and the server and distribution equipment continues to become more efficient. Direct current (dc) use is one of the biggest obstacles, the technology has a highly destructive. This is not a simple power resources from ac to dc. A dc power supply driver data center requires a completely different power distribution system and wiring of the frame. Distribution still need to integrate the scene generator, so that the power of the backup generator is converted into a dc power supply to provide the corresponding facilities. Work can be directly to the server and system. But the existing server and other hardware system is not for the modification of dc power supply, so we need a set of completely different hardware. Uninterrupted power supply system relies on the AC to DC conversion to the internal battery, and will be back to AC DC inverter, need to replace of the DC unit. So enterprise will usually wait for build a new data center to deploy in dc power supply. With rising energy costs and business availability requirements, determine who will win the final between dc and ac power struggle is very important. In the end, the dc power infrastructure to replace traditional ac power distribution scheme can eliminate the extra power conversion to reduce energy losses. If used properly, can also save data center electricity per month, and was relieved from the separate power simplified equipment, so as to further reduce costs and improve reliability.
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