The advantage of power frequency UPS power distribution hardware -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
( 1) Unique to the standard input/output transformer, made the current isolation from input. In the industrial environment, some external devices are large disturbance input, such as pump, engine, etc. The interference current fluctuation, easy to affect the safety of the load, therefore, the current isolation is especially important for the field. 2 design positioning is working in industrial environment, such as petrochemical, electric power, transportation, etc. Applied to a variety of harsh industrial environments, outdoor prevent external input, such as high temperature, high humidity, dust, vibration, corrosion and explosion danger type gas and some unpredictable environment. ⑶) Can adapt to the environment of high temperature 0 ~ 55 ℃, relative humidity 0% ~ 95%, dustproof, prevent the rain. (4) parts according to the customer's specifications and the need to design, every component can withstand the high power rating and has a longer life, designed to ensure the safety of the user equipment operation and durable. When evaluating power frequency UPS power supply, should according to UPS relevant technical performance index of judgment. The main technical indicators divided into's ability to adapt to the grid, conventional output indicators that could satisfy the requirement of load, the output capacity and reliability, the other is intelligent management and communication function and so on. Some fields require power is larger, and when to select high-power UPS, should carefully consider the input power factor, input current harmonic and so on. At the same time, should also consider the output capacity and reliability of the main indicators including the output power factor, output current crest factor, output overload capacity, etc. , can directly reflect the output ability, then explain output capacity limitations. In addition to the above, you should also consider the efficiency and reliability, once the UPS power under the condition of high work efficiency, means to save electricity, it is one of the symbols of green power. Because only choose better quality, to ensure that in the process of daily use, provide a more reliable voltage, and ensure the normal running of equipment.
The global market was valued at stabiliser for ac in three phase voltage regulator and is expected to reach a market value of stabiliser for ac by three phase voltage regulator, with a CAGR of stabiliser for ac during the forecast period.
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