The advantage of modular UPS -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
The advantages of modular UPS modular UPS power supply including rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch and control circuit, CPU main controlling board, etc. Highly elastic modular UPS power supply system structure, the design of the power module concept is in the runtime system can remove and install without affecting the operation and the output of the system. 1, scalability, ease of installation modular UPS adopts modular structure, can be easily installed and expansion, only need to increase the module is ok. At the beginning of the information computer room power supply system, can produce errors of UPS capacity requirements, too low or too high estimate, modular UPS by expandable module structure can effectively solve the problem. 2, redundancy, distributed parallel logic control between the various modules of parallel control distributed logic control mode is adopted, there is no host and from the points of machine, pull out or insert any one module will not affect the normal work of the other modules, on-demand constitute the N + 1, N + X redundancy system, reduce the risk of the system itself and the load coefficient, the load shall be protected by UPS time improve. Both increase the reliability of the machine work, and simplifies the user maintenance is difficult. 3, convenient maintenance, online processing, high availability of the traditional UPS in the case of failure, need to be professional and technical personnel to the site maintenance. If using modular UPS, because all of the modules are using hot plug, so don't need a professional and technical personnel, as long as there is spare module, the user can also for maintenance. Failure can remove the failure module, backup module, the entire process takes only a few minutes, racks of modular UPS in power device technology and manufacturing technology has inherited the traditional UPS technology development achievements, but in terms of system architecture, on the basis of multiple modules in parallel, not only realize the hotplug system module, and better deal with the system module operate independently, the relationship between cooperation and smooth transition.
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