Technical requirements of UPS - power system

by:KEBO      2020-05-01
1, reliability requirements: due to the high reliability requirement, power plant of equipment for the reliability and service life of UPS have very high requirements. The secondary lightning protection lightning protection requirements is higher, the general requirements. 2, load types: due to the plant distributed control system load single-phase load, mostly single phase load distribution circuit is simple, maintenance is convenient. So power plant dedicated UPS power supply most of the requirements for the three-phase input/single input and single output of the small and medium-sized power UPS, generally in the range of 60 kva capacity. 3, ac input requirements: as the auxiliary power voltage fluctuation range is wide, harmonic voltage is larger, request UPS input range is wide. Because plants require ac and dc isolation, UPS input and output must be configuration isolation transformer. General power plant auxiliary power quality is poorer, so its input THDi of UPS is not particularly high requirements. 4, bypass requirements: static switch should have automatic and manual two kinds of works, to achieve continuous switching. In order to improve the quality of the bypass operation mode of power supply and remove the interference and mains fluctuations. The bypass generally need to increase the isolation voltage regulator, mainly ACTS as isolation and voltage stability. Generally need maintenance bypass, maintenance of UPS, power supply, maintenance bypass need to be able to interrupt the UPS cabinet completely from the power supply system, the operation of the switch must ensure that the output power.
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