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by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Summer how to correctly lightning protection lightning data center? We usually put a complete lightning protection system is divided into two parts: external and internal protection 1) External protection system consists of lightning rod, down lead and grounding system. ( 2) Internal protection system is to prevent caused by lightning surge into electricity and equipment damage. In order to achieve the internal lightning protection and surge protection, need additional installation such as equipotential connection network, ac/dc power supply lightning protection device, signal lightning protection device and day feed equipment and devices, such as thunder device to prevent lightning induced over-voltage and back ground potential damage. The protection of the data center space can be divided into LPZ0, LPZ1, LPZ2 three area, and can be divided into the LPZ0A LPZ0 and LPZ02 two area. LPZ0A area: can suffer from direct lightning, no attenuation of electromagnetic field intensity; LPZ0B area: not suffer from direct lightning, but the intensity of electromagnetic field is still not weakened; LPZ1 area: not only from direct lightning, and the shielding measures according to the region and the attenuation of electromagnetic field intensity; LPZ2 area: in LPZ1 zone, in order to further reduce the direct lightning current or subsequent protection zone and add the electromagnetic field. General data centers are located in the multi-storey buildings of reinforced concrete, the area will not suffer from direct lightning, introduced by outside power feeder and telecommunication lines, cross LPZ0B area. So the data center is a major protective induction thunder and thunder overvoltage by conduction house power line, telecommunication lines. For a data center building subjected to direct the cumulative probability is small, but also a must prevent, usually we adopt equipotential connection network for protection. Computers, communications equipment and control cables, each partition in the jumper, you must install the corresponding lightning protection device, and bonding, all request to prevent lightning arrester is: LPZ0B: lightning arrester, grade B ( ≤ 4 kv) LPZ1: over-voltage protector, grade C ( ≤ 2. 5 kv) D (LPZ2: over-voltage protector, grading standards ≤ 1. 5 kv) A few anti minefield to do conform to the requirements of the equipotential connection, all of the power line and signal line from entering the protected space LPZ1 zone will do equipotential connection. The room is according to the requirements of the construction of the lightning protection system, not only affect the normal operation of the machine itself, but also directly related to the safety of the staff. So the stand or fall of lightning protection system is directly related to the quality of a data center room construction problems.
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