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by:KEBO      2020-05-06
With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile Internet, traditional data centers face long construction period, high initial investment, low efficiency under low load capacity, high load, low efficiency of management challenges, such as difficult to meet the demand of business growth. KEBO modular data center solutions by high modular design, scheme integrates the data center all subsystems, including the cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, integrated wiring system and management system and other infrastructure, to provide customers with rapid deployment, high efficiency and energy saving, compact space, flexible expansion of new data center solutions, effectively meet customers in the era of the cloud to efficient and reliable, fast, flexible and intelligent data center management requirements. According to the user scene situation, flexible using double row cabinet + cold ( Hot) Channel layout, under two kinds of structure layout can meet user requirements. Applicable environment, single module scheme 1: applicable to the total power is less than 120 kva, area is below 100 square meters of small and medium-sized data center. For small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise branch data center needs. More than 2, module scheme: by double row rack layout copy, flexible way of rapid deployment, build large data centers. For IDC, large enterprises and financial center, government, army, super center, education, medical and other industries demand large data centers. Unique advantages 1, energy saving efficiency. Efficient power supply and distribution, refrigeration, effectively reduce the module PUE value close to the heat source isolation of cold and hot air, eliminate invalid local hot air circulation and eliminate through module integration management, coordinated operation, improve effectiveness of functional components. 2, rapid deployment. Standardized components, to engineering, the overall delivery, real-time matching according to the business development, rapid expansion. 3, simple and reliable. The production data center infrastructure, reduce the construction process, improve the system reliability. Grade products factory inspection, to gain a higher quality. Guarantee adaptability is strong, suitable for the user a variety of field conditions.
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