Solution - integrated intelligent power distribution cabinet

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
A, function and solution total input voltage, current, frequency, power, power monitoring; Various voltage, current, frequency, power, power monitoring; The switch state detection of each switch. Load capacity of all stripes preset alarm, overload alarm, overpressure alarm; With sound and light alarm and remote control interface; 7 inches full color display and harmonic content, energy management, historical trends, load curve; Anti surge, lightning protection ( Optional) ; Over-current protection. ( 1) Intelligent distribution electric ark can collect more data in addition to similar to the normal distribution, through the power meter, acquisition of total power distribution circuit of voltage, current, intelligent power distribution cabinet can also collect the electrical quality data, such as harmonic distribution circuit on-off state and current status, earthing and lightning protection equipment condition data. Above data collection, in addition to the ordinary power meter and the main voltage and current transformer, also need to add more sensors, transmitter equipment, used for data collection. Current data from the intelligent power distribution cabinet is usually into the line voltage, current, harmonic, on-off state of circuit, circuit of current, grounding and lightning protection equipment condition, some still need to increase the temperature acquisition in power distribution cabinet, collection of power distribution cabinet fault early warning information. Collect data by power meter and special display, according to the locally can also through the RS485 and sent to the remote monitoring system of the Ethernet interface. ( 2) Intelligent power distribution cabinet shall have convenient points loop maintenance function due to a lot of data center for IT equipment & 7 times; Run 24 hours a day, so special maintenance requirements are put forward for intelligent power distribution cabinet, such as replacing miniature circuit breaker in maintenance, can't disconnect upstream into the line of circuit breaker, avoid affect the other circuit in parallel on a bus, which requires intelligent power distribution cabinet USES the electrical components to support hot maintenance. Method can be used on the current market has to use a special bus copper platoon, has adopted the convergence of ordinary copper platoon, increase in normal micro broken hot plug base solution, several electrical components manufacturers have to provide this kind of solution.
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