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by:KEBO      2019-12-04
Countries like China and India have such a large demand for raw materials such as copper that the cost of these goods has risen sharply in recent years.Since copper is a key component of the low voltage alarm Cable, its cost has also risen significantly.
Another factor that leads to the cost of low-voltage wire and cable is how much copper production processing is required to manufacture a specific type of copper conductor for low-voltage wire and cable.The manufacture of twisted copper conductors has more processing and cost.The lower cost alternative is to use solid copper wire wires and cables as it does not require additional manufacturing processing costs for stranded copper wires.Wires and Cables made of solid bare copper conductors are not as flexible as those made of twisted copper conductors.The reduction in flexibility is made up for the cost reduction of solid bare copper alarm cables.Most low voltage alarm systems use a small meter (at 22 KW ).) Small loss of size wire and cable flexibility not only proves reasonable to ignore the cost savings of using solid conductor wires.
In today\'s market, what is the cost of the 2 conductor 22 gauge.The stranded bare copper safety line will cost about $29.$1000 feet (304) per.8m) of wire.Cost of conductor No. 2 Regulation No. 22 (ad hoc working group.The price of the solid core copper alarm cable is $26.95 (USD)/1000 feet (304.8m) of wire.You will save 8 by using solid bare copper conductor alarm wires.64%.
Here\'s another example: the solid bare copper alarm cable for this 2 conductor 22 specification costs only $20.75 (USD)/1000 feet (304.8m) of wire.If the price of 2 conductors to hang bare copper safety cables is $29.$1000 feet (304) per.8 m) wire, you saved $8.75 (USD)/1000 feet (304.8 m of wire or 29 ).66%.
Here is a more detailed description of the alarm cable for only $20.75 (USD)/1000 feet (304.
Non-shielded cable: 22/2 solid bare copper CMR 1000 (304 ).8 m) Brown * weight of the thread shaft per 1000 (304.8 m) the line shaft is 10 lbs (4.Kg) * the correct order quantity is the total number of 1000 (304.Line axis is required.If 5000 (1524 m) is required then the appropriate order quantity is 5.(5 spools of 1000 304.8 m) * application: nurse Call, home alarm system, regional fire alarm, residential safety, home theater, communication cable, circuit control cable, home automation, sound system, intercom, public address system, security system, power restricted control circuit, commercial safety * approved: NEC articles 725 and 800, FT type, CL3R and, CSA Type FT-California fire chief, UL theme 13 & 444 ,-20 to 75 degrees C, rated voltage 300 V * conductor insulation: PVC * sheath: riser rated PVC, Rip line, in increments 4, mark the * 4x1000 ft line axis in ascending and descending order by box.Example 4 spools, 8 spools, or 12 spools, etc.
Save money with solid bare copper conductor wire and cable!
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