So choose room air conditioning, to have stable operation - the data center

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
Data center room temperature and humidity environment requirements, equipment room and workshop shall be set up between the equipment inside air conditioning system. The most important thing is to have a comprehensive computer room air conditioning system, so that you can help the user's data center equipment can run in a stable environment. The following is about the room air conditioning system is introduced: first, computer room air conditioning deployment mode according to the deployment of room air conditioning mode, there are mainly common place type room air conditioner and air conditioning is the main way of the different between the columns. Normal place type room air conditioner: mainly adopts the air supply, air supply, under the supply air to the electrostatic underfloor air supply, generally require specialized supply air pipes, while on the supply air is parallel to the air supply, there is a certain distance limit, if the room is too big, easy to heat unevenly, influence the refrigeration effect. Between air conditioning: also known as leading air conditioning, is mainly used in high heat density data center, room for local hot spots have low PUE ask the machine room, etc. , can effectively guarantee room server rack are temperature, solve the problem of local overheating, etc, to ensure that the room server rack running reliability and reduce energy consumption. Row level between column machine room computer room air conditioning use close to the heat source design, shorten the flow path, can handle the heat generated by the computer server rack directly, to prevent the cold wind, and heat source of computer room can be real-time monitoring, so that accurate delivery and the refrigerating capacity, more targeted refrigeration, effectively solve the local overheating and high density of heat. Two type machine room, computer room air conditioning system air conditioning systems by type, mainstream computer room with air cooling type room air conditioner and water-cooling equipment room air conditioning. ( 1) Air-cooled chiller type room air conditioner type room air conditioner it is air-cooled direct expansion unit absorbs the heat out of the room through the condenser to the outdoor air. The unit after the installation, indoor and outdoor unit condenser constitute a closed loop. Reasonable room air conditioning refrigeration cycle, maintenance convenience, unit structure is compact, effective improve the room air conditioning system availability. ( 2) Water-cooling machine room air conditioning water-cooling machine room air conditioning water cooled unit direct expansion from the room heat transmission via built-in water cooled condenser to the refrigerant. Cooling water need a water supply pipe, cooling tower or water Wells. It can be through the humidifier, using ac power directly to heat water to produce clean steam. Its air supply system can be divided into the blower for the forward/backward type series double inlet air and double width of centrifugal fan. Above all, column type air conditioning is more energy-saving than ordinary air conditioning, the other type air cooling machine room air conditioning saves water-cooled air conditioning system auxiliary and supporting parts, essential for water supply system structure is simple, save installation space, convenient maintenance and management and save energy, avoid the region of the poor water quality through the condenser fouling, caused by the pipe blockage etc. Phenomenon, but also saves water resources. According to the specific situation to choose an appropriate computer room air conditioning will no doubt give consumers reduce unnecessary burden, on the contrary, the emergence of computer room air conditioning system will ensure the safe and stable operation data center equipment. Reduce users' concerns.
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