Small micro module - room construction

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
A, product overview with the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile Internet, traditional data center expansion and high energy consumption, long construction period, difficult, low efficiency of management problems. In order to solve the user's growing business needs, meet the rapid deployment, flexible expansion, the demand of green energy-saving and intelligent management,) Integration of a new generation of data center solutions, the demand of the intelligent management, introduced a solution to the integration integration, the green and energy saving, the modular design idea, scheme integrates the data center of cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, integrated wiring system and management system, etc. , can help customers to achieve rapid deployment, flexible expansion, green energy-saving and intelligent management of a new generation of data center. Second, the product characteristic series intelligent micro module data center adopts integration integration, the main have integrated, safe and reliable, saving room area, flexible rapid deployment and monitoring perfect wait for a characteristic, is the new generation data center products. Integrated cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, temperature control system, intelligent management system and the integrated wiring system, highly integrated design, provide a complete solution. Safe and reliable: (1) support lane entrance guard ( Optional) And cabinet door ( Optional) To avoid irrelevant personnel to enter, increasing the safety of the machine room. (2) support dual power input. (3) heavy current and weak current separate line, reduce the electromagnetic interference save room area: (1) without professional computer room, office building common room renovation; (2) can be directly installed in the building cement ground, reduce computer room decoration engineering. Rapid deployment flexibility (1) standardized components, modular architecture, matching business rapid on-demand deployment; (2) the preconfigured at the factory, the pre-test, reduce the difficulty of the site construction of the project, (3) delivery cycle short, quick installation, effectively reduce the cost; (4) modular design, the late extension flexible real-time monitoring and intelligent management (1) the sensor installed in the center of the data, realize the data center environment and real-time monitoring of power equipment, timely notify the administrator when alarm is detected produced; (2) in the data center have a color touch-screen, on-site installation on site monitoring; (3) data center monitoring system of the built-in Web server, support B/S architecture, do not need to install the client, support 3 d display, management personnel through the browser real-time monitoring data center operation; (4) support for temperature and humidity fire ━ ━ air conditioning, video surveillance and so on all kinds of linkage. Can be defined by the user linkage function, using the strategy configuration mode, without programming. 3, 1, saving energy and reducing consumption performance advantages of traditional computer room air conditioning system is often need to consume large amounts of energy, become the main information system operation cost. At present, the computer room environment temperature and humidity control most of the air conditioning system diffuse push for air way. In order to make the local high temperature area around equipment cooling, need to dispatch the room temperature is very low. But equipment accounts for only part of the space in the room, the overall temperature control way cause a huge waste of energy. For a specific environment, modular data center closed cold hot channel design, combining air conditioning refrigeration and natural cooling way, over 30% of energy than traditional machine refrigeration, PUE value can be as low as 1. 5 below. 2, reduce maintenance costs through independent research and development of monitoring system software and hardware facilities, which can realize the computer remote management and unmanned management, reduce the maintenance cost of machine operation. 3, easy construction, save a space modular data center integrates the cabinet structure, power supply, temperature control, monitoring, management and so on multiple systems. The transition through the room, construction convenient and quick, and save space.
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