Several kinds of operating mode - module machine

by:KEBO      2020-05-05
The modular UPS is three phase and four phase, double conversion on-line UPS and inverter type, can operate in the following a variety of patterns: 1, the standby mode 2, 3 online mode, battery model 4, bypass mode 5, ECO mode power six, seven, maintenance shutdown mode and the bypass mode ( Manual bypass) Standby mode, input connected to mains power ( Bypass enabled setting in the stopped state) This machine is in standby mode prior to the start UPS, as has been shipped on batteries, charging function will take effect. In this mode, no load for power supply. Online online mode, the rectifying device grid rectifier into direct current (dc) and the power supply for inverter and battery charger. Received dc inverter on the whole wave processing, and transform it into a pure and stable alternating current (ac), the load power supply. Battery mode when mains power, UPS will automatically switch to the battery model. As a result, power failure, the key important load power supply without interruption. Battery model, the rectifying device is supplied by batteries, and to supply inverter dc. Inverter dc power to the whole wave of receiving treatment, and transform it into a pure and stable alternating current (ac), to power load. The bypass mode connected to the mains input, ( 'Bypass enabled' set under the enabled) Before starting the UPS is in bypass mode, if already equipped with batteries, charging function to take effect. UPS start later, when an exception occurs, Overheating, overload, etc. ) Static transfer switch (, 静态转换开关,STS) Start, will load by transfer to bypass the power inverter, power outage situation will not occur. Once lifted, UPS return to online mode. ECO mode ECO mode can be set through the LCD panel set menu is enabled. ECO mode, bypass the power supply voltage and frequency when they fall within the scope of permissible, load by bypass the power supply. When the bypass power supply is beyond the scope of permissible, UPS power supply to load by the bypass switch to inverter. To shorten the transition time, UPS in ECO mode, the rectifier and inverter operation. Shutdown mode when closed and no mains supply UPS, UPS into shutdown mode. Or when the UPS has the battery discharge to cut electricity ( 切, 关闭) Voltage, UPS also into shutdown mode. When UPS into this pattern, close UPS control power. Rectifier, charger and inverter into the closed position. Maintenance bypass mode the UPS is equipped with a manual bypass switch the station. When UPS itself to the power supply, if you need maintenance, to ensure continuity of critical load power supply. Before maintenance bypass mode, make sure the bypass power specifications are within the allowable range.
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