Set - UPS power needs to be such

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
Set UPS can be conducted in accordance with the following steps: 1, UPS input connection can be inserted into the socket of the UPS must be polar three-wire grounding type plug, and avoid using extension cord. Recommend the use of accessories with the power cord. 2, UPS output connection ( 1) The output socket type, please put the equipment on the output socket, power failure, UPS power supply to the load automatically. ( 2) For the output terminal type, wiring please follow the following steps: in the terminal stage of small cap; It is recommended that you use the AWG14 ( 2. 1mm² ) The power cord; After complete the wiring, please make sure all wiring is correct; Please send small cap back to the rear panel. 3, communication online in order to close/enabled UPS, or to monitor their status, can use a cable to both ends respectively with UPS systems and computer USB/RS - 232 interface. So, as long as you to install the monitoring software, you can through the computer to close/enabled and monitor the UPS system. UPS system is equipped with a smart slot, to support the installation of SNMP or the AS400 card. Whether to install the SNMP or the AS400 card, you will be able to get more advanced communication function and a variety of options. 4, open press UPS on the front panel & lt; 在/静音> Button for two seconds, UPS power supply will be open. Note: when used for the first time, battery charge to go through five hours. If charging less than 5 hours, the battery discharge time will be reduced. 5, installation in order to provide the most perfect protection of computer software, please install the UPS monitoring software, complete the relevant set UPS. You can will UPS the accompanying CD in your drive, to install monitoring software. If the discs do not attached to the package, please click the following steps to download and install monitoring software: (through the Internet 1) Please connect on http://www. 力量- - - - - - 软件- 下载。 com( 2) Click & lt; ViewPower > Software icon, select your operating system after began to download software. ( 3) According to the screen prompt, began to install the software. ( 4) After the restart the computer, monitoring and control software of orange the plug in the shape of the toolbar will appear near the clock.
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