Select the four elements of UPS power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
UPS as guardians power for critical loads in a wide range of industries equipment to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply, from overload, short circuit, electrical hazards, such as surge, ensure the normal operation of the business. With the high-speed development of cloud applications and cloud hosting, connection and data storage protection is very important. How to choose suitable for professional network UPS, makes the diversity of UPS products to differentiate? Four key factors should be considered when selecting UPS, can help enterprises to choose the products suitable for their own business requirements. 1, the scale of UPS, related research has revealed the number of mobile devices will soon be more than the global population. The built-in device ( BYOD) And stable enterprise era of mobile devices to the IT manager the network and the connection has brought the huge challenge. In addition to ensure the normal operation of the server, storage and protection network equipment, broadband connection, access points, modem and router, from potential damage caused by transient power, to maintain the continuity of the business, also is very important. What should be considered in determining the size of UPS IT infrastructure growth, and to determine how much & other short-term growth need; Redundant & throughout; 。 2, UPS backup time most of the power outage lasts for 5 minutes to 1 hour. In response to the long time power outages, data centers need equipped with multi-channel mains input or standby generator. Due to ATS or backup generators within 1 minute to complete or start switch, so UPS usually is about 5 ~ 15 minutes of battery storage configuration. At the same time, UPS should be compatible with lead-acid battery and lithium battery, so as to adapt to the needs of the development of energy storage in the future. 3, UPS extensibility if companies cannot predict the future of their IT infrastructure, then using the extendable standard UPS is a way; But if the future demand is uncertain or only rapid growth, modular UPS can provide effective solutions for the enterprise. UPS is scalable, by increasing the power module cabinet rather than a change in the system, support the expansion of the load and run in the future. Way pay to help match UPS and IT power, improve system efficiency, and minimize operating costs. 4, UPS DCIM data center management software, can provide convenient for the IT administrator of the remote monitoring and control; At the same time, active cells and environmental diagnosis can greatly reduce downtime; Advanced UPS management help to optimize the system operation, safe and closed system, protecting data and equipment from power outages caused by collapse.
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