Select intelligent power distribution cabinet - what are the points

by:KEBO      2020-04-26
Choose: (the main points of the intelligent power distribution cabinet 1) Data center security importance level required for a very strong data center, the task of management is the guarantee of IT equipment & 7 times; Running 24 hours a day, any unexpected downtime will cause big loss. Then select intelligent power distribution cabinet first of all to consider the reliability and maintenance convenience, so you need to choose with hotplug components, a variety of products of monitoring and lightning protection equipment, isolation transformer can be used as an option, according to the data center of the electrical system architecture, ratio of diesel generator shall be optional. Importance for low data center, can choose a common components and a simple monitoring system. ( 2) The daily management of data center for data center automation of intelligent power distribution cabinet, need regular preventive inspection, cable joint tightness and good insulation. If the size of the data center, for management personnel, enhance the automation of management is very necessary. So when choosing products, need to collect data as much as possible, strengthen the monitoring, to improve the efficiency of equipment management, reduce the frequency of on-site inspection. Intelligent power distribution cabinet with certain analysis data, automatic alarm function, can according to the predetermined rules, provide alarm information, also can better improve the efficiency of inspection. ( 3) Data center for energy efficiency requirements for densely deployed IT equipment room, often produces the imbalance of three phase current, resulting in waste of energy. A data center electricity in the tens of millions of yuan a year, if because of the unbalanced three phase current, lost 1% of its electricity, is a not small cost. So choose a has convenient adjustment phase distribution cabinets products, even if the first input is larger, but in the daily management, to save costs, recover the investment in succession.
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