Row between column structure characteristics - computer room precision air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
Row row between computer room precision air conditioning yes fan adopts the world famous brand of EC axial flow fan, efficiency of more than 90%. Fan rotor inlaid into the fan, the structure is more compact, smaller volume, heat dissipation performance is higher, the maximum guarantee the reliability of the fan operation. All external rotor motor is equipped with thermal contact ( TB) Can be used as a motor overheating protection, avoid the fan motor overheating and burning. The ideal motor geometry suitable for EC infinitely adjustable-speed ( 0-100%) Smooth, small startup current, start; Motor through the electronic commutator ( With position sensing, without position sensor) For motor winding current commutation, speed control was achieved by PAM or PWM control, no mechanical brush ( Commutator) 。 The motor/blower unit is very compact, light weight, save installation space not only compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, and can in real time according to the temperature and pressure changes, continuous speed adjustment, further implement the fan energy saving. Compressor with world famous efficient vortex compressor, the specific design of radial and axial flexible vortex, improve the efficiency of the compressor, is higher than general compressor. The special motor compressor failure rate is low, balanced and reliable running, trouble-free operation for more than 100000 hours. The scroll compressor of the compressor adopts unique flexible design, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving; Using new environmental protection refrigerant R410A, does not destroy the ozone layer, the refrigeration efficiency is higher; Using low pressure cavity design, system application of low cost, wide range of operation, and the mechanical structure design is reasonable, few movement part, it has excellent liquid collision prevention ability, high reliability, extend the life of the unit. Also include lack of phase protection device, in the case of power lack of phase or compressor overload, can automatically stop the compressor work, protect the compressor motor. Controller using the advanced microprocessor control, USES the advanced PID control technology, has a large LCD screen display, can display the temperature and humidity, with a graphical display of running status of the items constituting the unit within the function and operation of human interface, full Chinese LCD backlit display; Have the power phase sequence protection and open phase protection, power outage later since the launch of electric function; Equipped with standard R485 monitoring interface, can be incorporated into the environment centralized monitoring total net, maintenance personnel to patrol work. Using the high intelligent control system, temperature control accuracy of & plusmn; 0. 5℃; Large capacity of the function of fault alarm record store can store up to 100 of the alarm history, easy to operate, one-click access, without tedious multilevel menu and alarm is so powerful that as many as more than 30 kinds of alarm ( Including the warning) 。 Backup function: it don't need to add any accessories to the main case of machine function, between the host and the standby can be time to switch from the work, to ensure that each unit operation have the same time, the host fault automatically switch to the standby machine, at the same time, when the room heating load than the preset value, lead to can't maintain indoor temperature on the set point, automatically start the standby unit, assure indoor temperature is within the scope of the required, the building system operation state, the more the choice of N + 1 or N + 2 group control Settings. Electronic expansion valve ( EEV) By the controller, actuator ( Controlled drive and body) , sensors, etc. As a new type of refrigeration and control components, break through the traditional concept of throttling structure, is an important part of the refrigeration system intelligent, and is an important method of cooling system optimization to realize and guarantee, is also the symbol of the refrigeration system mechanical and electrical integration. Driving mode is the controller through the control of the sensor acquisition parameters calculated, to drive plate adjustment instruction, by the driven plate to the electronic expansion valve to adjust instruction, from the drive plate to the electronic expansion valve on the coil output signals to control the size of the needle valve opening, to regulate the flow of expansion valve for energy saving optimization.
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