Room UPS uninterruptible power supply requirements and importance

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
The emergence of the UPS power supply has close relationship with the development of the computer, built a power supply system for any YongDianHu is very necessary. Reliable power supply is a top priority of machine room, UPS uninterruptible power supply is in order to solve the uninterrupted power supply. Room UPS power source, the importance of internal equipment security and secrecy, stability, sustainability is very important. Critical infrastructure hardware needs to be continuous and stable operation, thus to ensure a stable power supply equipment is very important. KEBO technology to make the quality good, stable operation, safety and correct UPS power supply system. Computer room, everyone may not be unfamiliar, in order to guarantee the stability of the work computer rooms, data security. The uninterrupted UPS power plays an important role in computer room, the escort for the computer suddenly loses power. Simply speaking, because mains power grid power supply quality is poor, could not reach the requirements of computer system for power supply. Use UPS power source is a kind of technical measures to improve the quality of power supply. In the room, to avoid the happening of the accident, room UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment has become a must exist. Main play under the condition of the machine room external interruption of power supply, timely to the Hong Kong store room computer equipment to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply, lest cause affect the normal operation of the server damage to or loss of important data and hardware, and so on and so forth. According to IDC, 45% of the causes of computer failures is mainly caused by the power supply problem in our country, the number of big cities power average of 0. 5 times/month, medium-sized city is 2 times per month, small cities and towns is 4 times per month, grid there exist several problems: at least the power outages, surge voltage, frequency range, mutation, voltage fluctuation, voltage sags, pulse interference. Therefore, to improve power quality, starting from the configuration a UPS power supply. Room UPS uninterruptible power supply requirements 1, because the initial load is small, will later run are expanded. There must be redundant design and add capacity does not allow power load. 2, can match the original generator, as the failure of the power supply or distribution redundant configuration, fault protection power supply smoothly. 3, a set UPS fails, the failure of UPS battery can transfer to the rest of the normal work of UPS, to guarantee the investment utilization and enjoy sufficient discharge time of the battery. 4, for all the batteries, UPS uninterruptible power supply use anti leakage detection alarm function, so as not to cause fire accidents. 5, such as earthquake, fire emergency can provide remote or remote control at the bottom of the fast shutdown function, in order to avoid more serious loss in case of emergency. 6, room space is limited, equipment to the space saving way to deploy, and save space, considerations for bearing can juggle, avoid the destruction of the floor structure. 7, in case of UPS uninterruptible power supply malfunction, UPS is not charged maintenance, still can continue to supply power to the load and ensure reliable power supply. 8, shall provide the monitoring software, in order to through the Ethernet network for remote network monitoring, and can monitor more than one UPS at the same time, in order to centralized monitoring. 9, recharging the battery to provide temperature compensation function, and conduct regular automatic charge and discharge, the discharge time or the battery voltage discharge depth can of remote maintenance staff is set by the user and control. Cloud data need rooms highly UPS power supply system in 2010, the global data center power consumption reached a staggering 198. 8 billion KWh, accounts for about one of the world's electricity. 1% to 1. 5%, and in a large number of data centers in the United States, the proportion has even up to 1. 7% ~ 2. 2%. According to relevant data statistics, the efficiency of the UPS from 90% to 92%, the global data center a year can save about 300 million degrees. So much of the electricity charges, has been far more than spending on infrastructure. How to effectively reduce the energy consumption of the data room, is imminent. Represented by UPS equipment room power supply system, the highest conversion efficiency in the past 10 years have been about 90%, the actual efficiency of less than 88%. For a 500 kw load data room, power supply systems at least waste a day more than 1400 KWH of electricity. UPS load rate is generally 30% ~ 40%, in this case, the low efficiency of traditional UPS to about 82%, and the manufacturers need to do is to improve the energy saving effect of UPS system, reduce the equipment room power supply part of the energy consumption data, help customers reduce room TCO. Conclusion: with the server as the core network computer center is equipped with a UPS power supply, even a normal computer, its use in three months the data files already exceed the value of the hardware, software, such as value so as to prevent data loss and equipped with a UPS is also very necessary.
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