- room UPS power modular solutions

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
Computer room UPS power modular solution. Modular UPS power supply for a wide range of benefits, it not only simplifies the from initial planning to the daily operation of each process, also significantly improved the data center all the main component of commercial value & ndash; Capacity, availability, easy maintenance and high efficiency. Standardization: integrated high-availability IT service management experience, wisdom city cloud room construction, relying on high standards of data center resources, adapt to the need of the small and medium-sized general provide standardized product specifications and service processes, to & other; McDonald's throughout the &; Model introduced a menu can choose the customized service; Concise: provide a detailed service content and price of transparent, around the customer's requirement and support process, simplify the service reduces the complexity of the customers IT project and the difficulty of the deployment, Timely: contains rapid opening of service and service deployment, timely response to customer technical problems, breakdown maintenance, alteration and emergency, etc. ; Efficiency: with rapid deployment of service ability to move at the fastest speed to help customers complete; To and from the service after sales operations, providing end-to-end single user service interface, with the national unified platform level standard service support team, to support the customer's bag, wisdom city cloud room budget, simplify the service process, realize the convenient and efficient communication and client; Can be flexible configuration, scene strong adaptability; Room height, low bearing requirements, meet all kinds of equipment room construction, the transformation scenarios, modular scheme, construction, single and double row number of counters flexible expansion, fit a variety of scenarios demand; Highly compatible, high quality and reliable; Leading refrigeration and air conditioning, efficient technology such as the core hardware such as UPS power supply all manufacturer specifications, high quality and reliable. UPS power supply module can provide solutions including custom hardware facilities, improve the cost performance. Modular network architecture, according to the specific business deployment of custom server, micro module and its infrastructure. The factory, on-site assembly, rapid deployment. Standardization of components, the production, the quality is controllable degree is high, engineering interface and clear. Change the way of system change to cold. Refrigeration between frame column, satisfies the requirement of high power density machine room. Cold pool and inter-row refrigeration. Micro module is composed of two columns equipment unit face to face, and channel, skylight, side door closed component itself is to realize the cold and hot channel segregation. Built-in uninterruptible power supply systems. Micro module internal integration ups power or 240 v dc and battery uninterruptible power supply systems. Different micro module can be made by different power supply, power supply system to achieve the same room in a variety of power supply form a mixture of easy disassembly and assembly. Micro module by the factory, has the characteristics of the industrialization and standardization, can easy disassembly and assembly. Construction time is short, the construction site to facilitate management.
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