Room - the importance of UPS power supply and energy saving

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
1, the power supply design the rack mount UPS power supply scheme mainly dispersed power supply, centralized power supply. Individual power is a UPS power supply for one or more devices. Spread the benefits of the power supply is spread risk, not because a UPS abnormal caused most of the electricity equipment; Management defect is UPS scattered layout, the inconvenience, but it is not easy to wiring plan. Another is to use centralized power supply from a set of high-power UPS power supply directly to the data center all the load. The advantages of centralized power supply is convenient to facilitate planning, management, maintenance is convenient; The disadvantage is that if the UPS system abnormalities, easy cause data center, large area blackout accident this shortcoming can be avoid by using parallel architecture. Above two plans each have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, the current data center and computer room are generally adopts the centralized power supply scheme. The limited number of UPS weaver, and when the rack mount UPS system designer more than four, its reliability was not much higher than single power supply system. When room UPS installed capacity of more than a certain limit, proposed to computer room power supply according to several period planning is divided into several regions. 2, improve the energy efficiency in the current frame type their own UPS UPS are on-line double transformation framework, when he worked in the rectifier and inverter power loss. With a capacity of 400 kva UPS, for example, press 0 per KWH. 95 yuan, UPS every 1% increase efficiency, save electricity for 400 & times a year; 0. 8× 0. 01× 24× 365× 0. 95 = 26630. 4 yuan. Improve the work efficiency of UPS, can save a lot of electricity for the data centre, improve the efficiency of UPS is the most direct way to reduce energy consumption of the whole. So purchasing UPS, as far as possible procurement efficiency higher UPS. UPS with high efficiency, of course, is not only full of high efficiency, but also must have a high efficiency curve, especially in & other; 1 + 1' Weaver system, according to system planning, each UPS capacity shall not be greater than 50%, so for rack mount UPS power supply measures must be taken to optimize the efficiency curve, make UPS efficiency at low load also can achieve higher efficiency. 3, to reduce the input current harmonic and improve power factor adopts 12 pulse rectifier. Its principle is based on the original six pulse rectifier, a phase-shifting transformer in input side and six pulse rectifier. After adopting the technical scheme, the harmonics can be reduced to 10%. The advantage is relatively simple, harmonic improve obviously; The disadvantage is that, to improve the power factor is limited, a slightly higher price. Racks of UPS power supply using high frequency IGBT rectifier and PFC rectifier power factor correction circuit design. Principle is using high frequency PWM IGBT control, the input voltage waveform for segmentation, make as far as possible close to the sine wave input current waveform, phase difference and the input voltage and current to compensate. Advantage is light volume, price cheap, effect is good. Defect is technical structure complicated, difficult to maintain, influenced by power device, the size is limited. 4, battery management and distribution management technology UPS is equipped with a battery pack, the user of investment on the battery pack often accounts for a large part of the whole UPS power supply system investment, even more than the investment of UPS itself, and the use fixed number of year of battery is markedly lower than the UPS equipment. There are many factors that can influence of UPS battery life, mainly including temperature, charge and discharge, cycle times, etc. If you can carry on the comprehensive treatment of the above several factors, can greatly prolong the service life of batteries, extended battery replacement cycle, investment to save battery. Parallel system adopts advanced intelligent control strategy and fault diagnosis and protection, the system can automatically adapt to different application conditions and the environment, reduce manual intervention and debug program, real-time detection system running at the same time, realize the fault intelligent diagnosis and protection, improve the system reliability, reduce the system maintenance and the maintenance cost.
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