- room power supply of UPS power supply requirements

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
1, because the initial load is small, will later run are expanded. There must be redundant design and add capacity does not allow power load. 2, can match the original generator, as the failure of the power supply or distribution redundant configuration, fault protection power supply smoothly. 3, a set UPS fails, the failure of UPS battery can transfer to the rest of the normal work of UPS, to guarantee the investment utilization and enjoy sufficient discharge time of the battery. 4, for all the batteries, UPS uninterruptible power supply use anti leakage detection alarm function, so as not to cause fire accidents. 5, such as earthquake, fire emergency can provide remote or remote control at the bottom of the fast shutdown function, in order to avoid more serious loss in case of emergency. 6, room space is limited, equipment to the space saving way to deploy, and save space, considerations for bearing can juggle, avoid the destruction of the floor structure. 7, in case of UPS uninterruptible power supply malfunction, UPS is not charged maintenance, still can continue to supply power to the load and ensure reliable power supply. 8, shall provide the monitoring software, in order to through the Ethernet network for remote network monitoring, and can monitor more than one UPS at the same time, in order to centralized monitoring. 9, recharging the battery to provide temperature compensation function, and conduct regular automatic charge and discharge, the discharge time or the battery voltage discharge depth can of remote maintenance staff is set by the user and control.
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