Replace the UPS battery in the process of what problem should note -

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
1, pay attention to the personal safety and equipment safety, must understand the site condition before construction, construction avoid influencing the normal operation of the UPS equipment, including host and distribution cabinets. 2, pay attention to avoid the battery in the process of handling of collisions and broke, do take put down light, operated by two people when handling; 3, because the space is narrow, pay attention to keep the channel open, at the same time pay attention to party a the surrounding environment, to avoid affect the normal work of the party a; 4, when pay attention to the cathode, the batteries are installed personnel during construction should not be metal objects, such as a watch to avoid short-circuit spark phenomenon; 5, fire control system of the telecom room smoke detector for sealing isolation, avoid false alarm and fire control system for the jet fire accident caused by personnel, at the same time is put inside the construction site of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and other fire safety protection device; 6, the staff is out of the interior, must do a good job security, to avoid unnecessary accidents; Packing for battery, how much do change remove; 7, in the lower level of the battery holder construction should pay attention to when the installation space and install the light problem, every step should be carefully and seriously, correct, and specification. Change of jobs has been completed, the multimeter monitor the total voltage of the battery, the battery pack is negative and neutral wire connection. Ensure the battery and the host is normal after closed the switch of battery pack, make the system back to normal work.
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