Reducing UPS power failure - the main points of the battery

by:KEBO      2020-04-22
Floating UPS power outage again more than 10 days, before the reboot, should be under the condition of without load start UPS power supply to take advantage of the machine to charge electronic products electric circuit of floating above 10 ~ 12 h battery load running again. UPS power supply for a long time in a floating state without discharge process, the equivalent of at & other; Storage for use throughout the &; State. If this state of continuous time is too long, cause the battery for & other Storage too long & throughout; And failure scrapped, it mainly for battery internal resistance increases, serious when resistance can reach a few & Omega; 。 We found that: under the room temperature is 20 ℃, storage after 1 months, battery capacity that can be used for its rating of 97%, if stored for 6 months without, it can use capacity to 80% of the rated capacity. If the storage temperature, it can use capacity will reduce. It is recommended that the user had better every 20 & deg; C months intentionally pull the mains input, make UPS power supply to provide the energy from the battery to the inverter. But this should not be too long, the load is about 30% of the rated output, about 10 min discharge. Reduce the depth of discharge electricity his life is closely related to it is the depth of discharge. UPS power supply of the lighter load, mains power supply is interrupted, battery his available capacities and the greater the ratio of the rated capacity, in this case, when the UPS power supply automatic shutdown due to low battery voltage, battery discharge depth is deep. Actual process how to reduce the battery was deep discharge happened? Method is very simple: when the UPS power at the mains power supply interruption, drawn from the battery to the inverter power supply, the vast majority of UPS power supply will be clearance rings around 4 s periodic alarm, notify the user is provided by the battery energy now. When heard the alarm becomes urgent, means that the power supply has been in the depth of discharge, shall be immediately to the emergency response, close UPS power supply. Not forced in, don't let the UPS power supply has been generally work to the automatic shutdown due to the battery voltage is too low. Use electricity peak charge for UPS power supply for a long time in a low voltage power supply mains or frequent users, the power was cut off to prevent premature failure due to lack of long-term rechargeable batteries, should make full use of the power supply peak ( Such as the middle of the night time) In order to make sure the battery recharging the battery has enough charging time after each discharge. After general battery is deep discharge, recharging to 90% of the rated capacity at least needs about 10 ~ 12 h. Pay attention to the selection of the charger UPS power sealed and maintenance-free battery can't use SCR type & other; Quick charger & throughout; Recharged. This is because the charger will cause the battery at the same time be both & other The instantaneous flow throughout the charging &; Again & other; Transient over voltage charging bad charging status. This state can make battery available capacity greatly reduced, serious when battery scrap. In the constant pressure type by charging circuit of UPS power supply, be careful not to dispatch the battery voltage is too low to protect working point too low, otherwise, at the beginning of the charge it is easy to produce flow. Of course, had better choose both has the constant current, and persistence of the charger to charge. Ensure the power supply environment temperature battery capacity is closely related to the environmental temperature that can be used. Under normal circumstances, the performance parameters of the battery are calibration under the condition of room temperature is 20 ℃, when the temperature below 20 ℃, the available capacity of the battery he will reduce, and the temperature above 20 ℃, the available capacity will increase slightly. Different manufacturers at different levels of different types of batteries is influenced by temperature. According to statistics, in - 20 ℃, the battery available capacity can reach about 60% of the nominal capacity. The influence of visible temperature can not be ignored. To extend the service life of the battery pack, of course, not only should pay attention to in maintenance use, and when the choice should be fully considering the load characteristics ( Resistive, inductive, capacitive) And size. Don't make the excessive light load operation of the battery for a long time, so as to avoid the battery discharge current is too small lead to dead batteries.
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