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by:KEBO      2020-05-09
The rack mount UPS with receiving on the ac input power supply ground wire must be appropriate branch protector ( Circuit breaker) , received on any other type of socket may result in electric shock damage. Line charging or power supply cord if need to change, please refer to our company service station or dealers to buy raw materials, in order to avoid the fever caused by insufficient capacity or lighter, start a fire. To reduce the load equipment caused bad earth shock hazard, when installing a computer interface signal lines, should be the ac input power cut off, make sure the connection is all signal connector to plug in the power supply. Placing rack mount UPS area need to have adequate ventilation, away from the water, combustible gas and the etchant. UPS should be placed near the mains input socket, so that an emergency pull the mains input plug, cut off power supply. Rack mount UPS input should be connected to the mains socket, output socket by wiring board connected to the computer and monitor. Note: below the rack type UPS3K machine, output and voltage regulator and battery output socket outlet are not allowed to connect printer equipment, UPS power supply output, are not allowed to connect electric drill, electric hammer and electric fans. The power supply output of UPS socket cannot be directly connected to the input socket. UPS power load can not exceed 80% of the calibration load itself.
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