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by:KEBO      2020-05-09
Racks of modular UPS what are the advantages compared with traditional UPS? 1, simple installation, convenient expansion, save investment. Racks of modular UPS can make the power supply system on demand, make capacity along with the development of the business to achieve & other; The dynamic growth & throughout; 。 Both meet the demand of the later business extension, and reduce the user's initial acquisition cost. 2, parallel redundancy, stable operation and high reliability. In racks of modular UPS, power module part is parallel redundant, each module is equipped with input, output and input, output relay insurance, as a module fails, do not affect the whole system work. The traditional UPS product, the user is commonly used to security & other; 1 + 1' Or & other N+1” Parallel redundancy mode, only one fault tolerance. In the rack type modular UPS system, users only need to purchase the corresponding power module, & other can be realized; N+X” The failure of redundancy. “ Modular redundant parallel structure & throughout; More reliable than conventional UPS. 3 easy maintenance, online disposal, high availability. Traditional UPS need professional and technical personnel to the scene maintenance, modular UPS all module allows the hot plug, the user can step in maintenance, direct online to replace UPS backup module. Racks of modular UPS in power device technology and manufacturing technology has inherited the traditional UPS technology development achievements, but in terms of system architecture, on the basis of multiple modules in parallel, not only realize the hotplug system module, and better deal with the system module operate independently, the relationship between cooperation and smooth transition.
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