Provide security - modular machine room

by:KEBO      2020-05-05
Modular machine room can be through the entrance guard system, also can be more advanced fingerprint identification system, or the iris recognition system, into the interior. Its internal control center, power supply, communication center and base frame, must use a smart card, which can identify each server backplane has a single key system. Such modular machine room can provide security, to protect the safety of data. As the database grows, companies worry about the data storage, the ageing of network equipment, unpredictable power supply, the sudden wind and rain lightning and so on, the ever-present threat to small and medium-sized enterprise wealth of valuable data. Unstable voltage may destroy the disk drives, damage the file system. And power suddenly may cause the loss of memory or the cache data in an instant. Applications in data storage, server volume smaller, stack type, frame type equipment on the power density are also increased, which could lead to main circuit overload, short circuit. This requires that all enterprises must protect precious server requires reliable enough, enough available uninterrupted solutions, end-to-end network security provided by the module room can be used to provide sufficiently long reserve time during longer interrupt, enough to properly protect the holds the enterprise key information storage devices. We all know that there are three kinds of alternative storage technology: direct attached storage ( DAS) , network-attached storage ( NAS) And store the local area network ( SAN) 。 For these storage architecture, KEBO companies offers a variety of end-to-end network solution, including power supply solutions to problems, a storage device startup or shutdown solution, remote management solution, environmental protection and monitoring solutions, and new solutions to meet the demand of line. These schemes with the advent of module machine, can guarantee the security of the data. Because the data is a jewel of great price, so the end-to-end network uninterrupted solution treasured.
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