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by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Liquid-cooled refers to the liquid with high specific heat as a heat transfer medium to meet the demand of servers and other IT equipment heat dissipation of a cooling mode, the application of the earliest can be traced back to the last century 60 s, the IBM mainframe. Development to the present, liquid-cooled has super calculate, application server facilities. The current surface technology is mainly divided into indirect contact surface and direct contact with the surface. Among them, the indirect contact type is the most typical applications of surface of cold plate surface, type direct contact with the surface the most typical application is the immersion cools. After surface water could be secondary to use, can use the hot water bath, the use of heating and domestic hot water, that is, data center sideline will become a warm water supply room, but not air cooling, air cooling after the air is hot, increase the heat of the earth, it is not about human to solve the current environment such as the earth becomes hot is the first big we face serious environment problem of beginner's mind. Surface technology is widely used in the center of the data of the key factors is the cost. Mineral oil, such as fluorinated liquid surface material is expensive, it also makes the early stage of the data center deployment costs. Air cooling technology in early deployment cost is low, but in the subsequent maintenance and iteration, all play a role to hinder, which made from TCO ( The total cost of ownership) , surface technology is still dominant. Most importantly, assume that the cost of using surface cooling and water cooling costs are the same, but they bring different PUE. Usually, use air-cooled data center PUE value in 1. 35 or so, and USES the liquid-cooled data center PUE value can be in 1. 5 or less, that is, under the same cost more to run more load, but also responded to the call of green data center. There is no doubt that surface technology will replace the air cooling technology become the main way of data center cooling. Among them, the AI application is undoubtedly accelerate the trend coming catalyst. On the server, in order to cater to calculate the force needed for the AI, often use more than improve GPU acceleration card by force. And the TDP (GPU acceleration card Thermal design power consumption) Usually for 200 w and 300 w, this also lead to the entire data center power density rise. Related to the survey, 20% of the data center currently deployed 30 kw or more rack device, the power consumption of the immersion liquid-cooled technology can effectively reduce the data center power consumption increased with high temperature. And accelerate large-scale surface technology applied in the data center of edge of another factor is calculated. The next few years, need to deal with the amount of data on the edge will reach 50% of the total global data, which makes the mass of micro data centers, even far from data center, will be deployed in closer to the user, to the place of the enterprise. And these micro data centers, often only one or two servers, and deployed in outdoor environment, making it applicable to the edge of the computing data center is not needed by the traditional data center cooling conditions and facilities, with air conditioning cooling completely impractical. = surface is the only solution. Through the cooling fluid or direct contact with the server motherboard with the aid of condenser pipe indirect contact, and sealed, it can be in a server system unit to realize the integration of computing, storage, network and the cooling demand and so on the edge of the size will not only satisfy calculating of small demand, satisfy its server features on the function at the same time.
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