Product characteristics - integrated intelligent power distribution cabinet

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
1. Appearance using server rack design style, large screen color touch screen, Chinese users more intuitive detection and management of power quality data 2. Real-time display of busbar three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency, total energy, and power, active power, power factor, harmonic percentage electric parameters such as 3. Real-time display branch current and switch state 4, percentage of load parameters. Measurement and control device of high performance microprocessor was adopted in order to realize intelligent monitoring and information management platform 5. 7. Zero dynamic color touch control panel, friendly human interface, the operation is simple, intuitive 6. Monitoring device to realize multi-stage permissions management, effectively prevent wrong operation 7. USES the centralized management of distributed control points and control mode, integrated distributed control system, through the network to meet the real-time, fast and reliability requirement of system running 8. Adopt RS485 interface, using the MODBUS communication protocol. Has perfect fault alarm and event since the diagnosis and analysis functions, and can save 10 1000 history information. Hardware is easy to extend, it can real-time monitor how 320 11 state information. Provide multiple passive normally open contacts output, can be used as classification alarm 12. Power monitoring device has the restore function, all the information when the power is automatically saved 13. Rich alarm functions, including overvoltage, undervoltage, phase of the main road, useing, over current, high/low threshold voltage/current, impact flow and abnormal frequency. Branch including flow high/low threshold, impact flow, switch state 14. Can provide double power source automatic or manual switch 15. All the key components adopt international famous brand of 16. Concise bus system, power distribution equipment to provide security solutions; 17. Branch using bus terminal power distribution system, with a. Unique hotplug function achieve rapid change of b. Phase modulation circuit breaker and modular design, small size c, flexible modular design
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