Processing method of lead-acid battery short circuit

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
1, reduce the charging current, reduce the charging voltage, check whether the safety valve is closed. Charge discharge on a regular basis. UPS power supply system of lead-acid battery float charging voltage and discharge voltage, many in the factory have been debugging to the rating, and the size of the discharge current is increased with the increase of load, in use should be reasonable to adjust load, control the use of computers and other electronic devices such as the Numbers. In general, load should not be more than 60% of the rated load UPS. In this range, the battery will not appear excessive discharge. For self-discharge lead-acid battery storage will lose some capacity, therefore, lead-acid battery before put into use after installation, judgment should be based on the open circuit voltage of the battery residual capacity of battery, and then adopt different methods to the battery charged to supplement. To spare on battery, every 3 months should be a supplementary charge. Can be judged by measuring the panasonic battery open circuit voltage battery. 2, 12 v batteries, for example, if the open circuit voltage is higher than 12. 5 v, indicates the battery energy storage and more than 80%, if the open circuit voltage is lower than 12. 5 v, you should immediately to supplement charge. If the open circuit voltage is lower than 12 v, the said battery storage power less than 20%, the battery use. When battery short circuit state, its short-circuit current can reach hundreds of ampere. Contact and stronger short circuit, short circuit current, the greater the connection will produce a lot of calories, so all the weak link in calorific value is bigger, joint fuse, producing short circuit phenomenon. Local explosive gas may be produced (battery Or charging JiCun explosive gases) , when the joint fusing produced sparks, can cause battery explosion; If the battery short circuit time is shorter or current is not particularly big, may not cause joint fusing phenomenon, but there will still be overheating and short circuit can be damaged by connecting strip around the binder, make its left the leakage etc. When installing a lead-acid battery, should use the tools of insulation measures should be taken, attachment should be outside of the battery electric even better, through inspection without short circuit, and finally connected battery, wiring specification should be good insulation, prevent overlapping compression fracture. Through the meticulous work, can better prevent lead-acid battery short circuit, make the use of lead-acid battery safer, longer service life. The above main charging current is too large, more than 2 single battery voltage. 4 v, internal short circuit or partial discharge, overweight, control valve, temperature failures caused by the lead-acid battery short circuit analysis, summarizes the treatment method of lead-acid battery short circuit.
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