Problem analysis: data center computer room precision air conditioning maintenance method

by:KEBO      2020-04-26
Problem analysis: data center computer room precision air conditioning maintenance method under the condition of high temperature, room air conditioners and equipment room equipment are packed together, if the room doors and Windows closed lax, plus room personnel in and out, is easy to cause of engine room alarm. Data center room in high pressure alarm, check the machine alarm log is divided into three categories: a, low supply voltage does not start; Second, the humidifier refrigeration system needs to be maintained; Third, the compressor high pressure alarm. Problem analysis: don't start the low supply voltage is often caused by the voltage reduction or lack of phase, the power supply voltage is low, the output voltage 24 v transformer is insufficient; 24 v ac contactor can't work within the condenser. To identify specific need to use multimeter to test. When necessary, a power grid voltage regulator. For humidifier and cooling system to maintain the alarm processing, in the process of the normal operation of humidifier, mineral grains such as sediment would gather on the humidifier pan. These deposits must be regular maintenance to ensure the humidifier run efficiently. Compressor fault alarm is one of the most common alarm computer room precision air conditioning, in the refrigeration system, high voltage controller is set in the 350 psig, in the operation of the machine, when the high pressure value reached the limit, high pressure alarm is generated. If you want to make the compressor to start again, must be manually reset; But before pressing the reset button, must be the cause of high pressure to find out, to make the machine working normally. Recommended for monthly data center computer room precision air conditioning maintenance inspection. For refrigeration system recommended cleaning condenser surface dust and dirt, but should pay attention not to damage the copper tube and fin. After maintenance also appear alarm in the system menu, maintenance cycle maintenance can eliminate the alarm.
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