Principle and computer room air conditioning muffler and plenum distinction -

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
Power equipment in the room air conditioning system, such as fan aerodynamic noise. Air flow through the duct system of various pipe fittings, components, air flow regeneration noise is produced. Muffler is a acoustic liner or special structure, can effectively reduce the noise of the air pipe. In the noise control technology, muffler is most, the most widely applied noise reduction device. In the computer room air conditioning system, when the noise of the fan after various natural attenuation still can't meet the indoor noise standard, it must set up special silencer in the tube on the road, and make it in the amount of dead band can basically meet the design needs. For general air conditioning and ventilation system, the impedance composite muffler is generally selected as well. In the resistance muffler has a good attenuation performance. According to the flow channel geometry is different, can be divided into straight pipe, plate, plate, labyrinth, cellular, acoustic streaming, barrier type, bend type, etc. Resistant muffler is applicable to eliminate the low frequency noise or narrowband noise. According to its action principle is different, can be divided into the expansion, cavity and interference etc. Various type. Impedance compound muffler, such as resonant cavity and expansion chamber, perforated panel acoustic filters, a combination of good impedance muffler attenuation characteristics and impedance muffler in good low-frequency silencing features, so its silencing frequency band width, it is one of the most commonly used standard muffler series. Can be used alone, also can be used in series. Silencing effect: low-frequency 10 ~ 15 db/m, medium frequency 15 ~ 25 db/m, high-frequency 25 ~ 30 db/m, the average drag coefficient is 0. 4. Silencing bend, silencing plenum all belong to a silencer. Muffler is a kind of can allow air flow, and can effectively prevent or weaken the spread of the sound energy outward. Plenum air supply system is to reduce dynamic pressure, static pressure, stable air flow and reduce airflow vibration of a necessary accessories, it can make the air distribution effect is more ideal. The effect of static pressure box can be made part of the dynamic pressure static wind farther; Can reduce the noise. Static pressure box can be used to reduce noise, and can obtain uniform static pressure from the wind, reduce the pressure loss. And there are universal joint. The plenum is applied to the well ventilated system, can improve the comprehensive performance of the ventilation system.
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