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The classification of ups power: 

According to the structure is divided into a backup, backup power supply is 0 10 milliseconds of delay power, average power in w - 500 2000 w, most of micro computer, notebook computer, and some of the power supply of electricity utilization is not very demanding occasions. < / p > < p > the second divided into on-line interactive ups power supply, it also has power off time delay, but the ups power supply and back-up type comparison 0 - it is 4 power millisecond delay, on-line interactive ups power supply used in office, divided into 500 w - capacity 2000W。 < / p > < p > the third into the on-line ups power supply, also known as double conversion on-line ups power supply, the large capacity of ups power are the structure, 1 kw 100 kw capacity have distribution, can do more than 800 kw. On-line ups power before it is two kinds of improved model of the ups power supply, eliminating the power delay, even if the mains suddenly lose power, ups power supply power there will be no delay, on-line ups power with a lot of wide range of USES, it is composed of charger inverter battery rectifier module, to demand higher still in the front-end and back-end ups and isolation transformer. < / p > < p > the place on put together is narrated, the ups power demanders can according to their own situation on-demand configuration suits own ups power supply. < / p > < p > < / p >
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