Precision detection project has air conditioning? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
Inspection generally divided into the construction of air conditioning, alarm test, no-load test, load test, room temperature and humidity testing, air conditioning wind balance testing, air conditioning spare tire tour, etc. , mainly include: 1, basic information, including brand, model, serial number, refrigeration, air volume. 2, construction technology is in accordance with the relevant provisions, terminals and cable wiring check test, check whether there is potential safety hazard. 3, basic alarm function: high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, power flow loss, restart/ATS switch, leakage alarm, humidifying cans of water/drainage 4, set temperature, set the humidity, temperature, humidity accuracy, precision, display temperature, humidity, the outdoor temperature/humidity 5, total voltage, current, total power, frequency, power of compressor, the compressor, the fan current, outer fan current 6, equipment inlet air temperature of the outlet air temperature and humidity and wind speed, temperature and wind speed, the calculation of air conditioning refrigerating capacity current 7, auxiliary zone temperature and humidity, computer room, computer room temperature and humidity and temperature and humidity change curve, auxiliary area of distribution of temperature gradient and curve, the temperature and humidity, battery at room temperature, humidity, local hot 8, computer room floor wind wind speed detection, wind balance check, air volume calculation of 9, equipment terminals of thermal imaging scans, BMS, 10 for machine, round tour inspection
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