Precision air conditioning system should be installed correctly -

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
Because the structure of precision air conditioning system is very complex, when installation should consider all aspects of the influence factors, and combining the actual situation, grasp skilled construction technology, strict enforcement of hvac installation standard, completes the construction organization design, grasp the key points of project, the implementation of the construction whole process of quality control and management. Only in this way, can improve the quality of precision air conditioning system installation, make the function of precision air conditioning system to the limit. Before a, precision air conditioning installation construction materials quality control for precision, before the installation of air conditioning system response equipment inspection specification, model and quantity, etc, to see if it meet the design requirements, the pipe material, to see whether the outer wall is rust, cracks and other quality problems, all materials must have the factory certificate and quality certificate; Give full consideration to the project cost, material properties and the difficulty of construction, strict screening equipment, material to the quality and efficiency of the optimal, it is fundamental to ensure engineering quality. Second, precision air conditioning equipment installation quality control precision air conditioning system installation of equipment type and quantity is numerous, chiller, new fan, fan coil units, cooling tower, water pump and fan, etc. , relationship with the use of precision air conditioning system performance and life, we must strengthen the quality control of the equipment installation process. ( 1) The host installation. Should ensure the installation of the surrounding environment and space without affecting the daily maintenance of unit, pay attention to the unit basis in accordance with the unit, the equipment grounding pads position correctly, arrangement orientation should correspond to piping as far as possible, and the outlet should be above the water pipes in the overall precision air conditioning system. ( 2) The installation of terminal equipment. Terminal equipment mainly includes the new fan, fan coil units and air supply outlet. Although the new fan and fan coil installation is simple, but because of the quantity, the manufacturer and model is numerous, can produce differences, carefully check the installation requirements, and pay attention to the height of the installation, stability and robustness. The installation of fan coil units to consider the height of the ceiling decorate, ensuring the right back to the tuyere position, water bearing and drainage in the same direction, and must ensure that for the air conditioning unit water outlet to set aside enough elevation difference, make the condensate pipe has enough slope, facilitate the emissions of air conditioning condensate. In the condole top construction has been completed, the deal with fan coil drip tray to clean up. When installing air conditioning terminal equipment to set up the vibration isolation pad or vibration boom, in order to prevent the equipment vibration will surge when passed to the floor, and noise. Three, precision air conditioning pipe installation quality control ( 1) Duct. Before installation, check the wall thickness, the wind can not meet the requirements will affect the service life; For duct inside the necessary cleaning and vacuum drying process; Need to wear should be set when the casing wall, floor area should be buried steel casing, the corresponding pipe welds not directly placed in the casing; With thermal insulation or other combustible materials will area filling the gap between tube and casing is close-grained, not the casing directly as a conduit of supporting member; Fire damper fuse link should be installed on the windward side, otherwise don't fire cut off. ( 2) Water pipe. To distinguish between cold ( Hot) Pipe form for the same program or programs, if for different programs, will be expected to set the flow balance valve in the pipe on the road, to adjust the system flow; To distinguish the expansion tank is open or closed, the former to install at the highest point of the system, and the highest point of piping expansion tank liquid level should be above the water system 1. 5 m, which is generally installed near the pump export; In the process of system operation, the top of the vent valve should be installed, and the lowest in the sewage drain valve should be installed, and install any cut off valves on the expansion pipe is prohibited; Should carry on the irrigation experimental condensed water pipe installation is completed, the condensation pan filled with water, the water discharge smoothly, and check whether there is condensed water pipe interface or sweating. Four, precision air conditioning completed commissioning quality control of hvac project entered the stage of completion inspection and acceptance when debugging, can begin from the end of the system, namely the furthest away from the fan of branch pipe, until the fan adjusted step by step, make each branch pipe actual at or near the design air volume, air volume, the new air volume, the row of the tuyere air volume and air volume of the deviation of the measured values and design air volume & le; 10%. To sum up, in the installation of precision air conditioning, often exposed some problems. This we need to carefully to do a good job of quality control, air conditioning before construction to understand design intent, familiar with various professional construction drawing, preparation of construction organization chart, to catch the project of the control points and completes the control points of advance and management approaches. In this way can we ensure that people can trust of air conditioning.
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