Precision air conditioning refrigeration effect how

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
Evaporator affect the evaporation temperature of refrigerant in room air conditioning refrigeration effect evaporator, should be lower than the air temperature, heat will be passed to this room refrigerants, refrigerant absorbs heat evaporates into gas, after the compressor suction, makes the pressure of the evaporator by vaporized gas too much pressure, so that the evaporation temperature is raised, so that influence the refrigeration effect. Computer room air conditioning refrigerating system composed of compressor, condenser and expansion valve and evaporator, its working process is as follows: refrigerant boiling under the pressure and temperature, is less than the temperature of the cooling fluid or object. Compressor suction vapor generated in evaporator unceasingly, and put it down to the condensing pressure, and then sent to the condenser, the pressure lower pressure cooling and condensing into liquid, refrigerant cooling condenses and gives off heat to the cooling medium ( Usually computer room air conditioning in the air) , corresponding to the condensing pressure condensation temperature must be higher than the temperature of the cooling medium, after the condensation liquid by throttling expansion valve or other components into the evaporator. In the process of the whole cycle, plays a compression and transmission of refrigerant vapor compressor and cause low pressure in the evaporator, the effect of high pressure in the condenser, is the heart of the whole system. Throttle valve throttle reducing pressure of refrigerant and adjust into the evaporator refrigerant flow rate; Evaporator is cold output devices, refrigerant in the evaporator heat absorption cooling objects, so as to achieve the purpose of making cold quantity; Condenser is the output of heat equipment, absorbs the heat from the evaporator even the consumption of the compressor work into heat is taken away by the cooling medium in the condenser. Rooms dedicated air-conditioning, air-conditioning refrigeration, heating and dehumidification, humidification four big functions. Four big functions perfect unifies in together, plus its PLC intelligent controller, can automatically switch machine, completely automated, can satisfy the requirement of the constant temperature and humidity room environment. Room air conditioners used the high accuracy of measurement and control technology of international, humidity measurement and control the range of 50% to 70% RH, temperature measurement and control in the range of 12 to 30 degrees Celsius. Installed in the computer room air conditioning air volume is very big, the equipment is heat transfer by conduction, radiation in the machine room, equipment heat concentrated intensive area, in order to make uniform in each area of the room temperature and humidity, and control within the scope allowed base and volatility, you need to have bigger air volume will be more than the heat away. We are to a technological advances changed every aspect of our lives. Precision air conditioning industry has become a technology one of the fastest growing industry. Manufacturers in the design of heating, cooling, and ventilation products become more innovative. Precision air conditioning system and control system is more and more intelligent, more efficient. Technology revolution makes the owner can use the intelligent automation platform precision air conditioning, intelligent ventilation system, and even smart phone integration, through can help people management is not only a home security, also the application of effective utilization of energy.
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