Precision air conditioning reasonable construction method can reduce noise -

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
(1) to make the supply air fan coil noise to get better control, to increase the outlet area, reducing wind speed. (2) head of cooling water pipe bracket installation: in order to effectively eliminate noise and vibration, should increase the spring shock absorber on the rigid support, the larger diameter and slightly chilled water pipe main vibration often use this method, in order to make noise in the floor spring shock absorber with rigid support under control. (3) duct installation: duct manufacture installation to strictly enforce national standards for construction, air conditioning and air muffler with plenum one kind, with high-quality sound-absorbing material, the outside is made of high quality thermal insulation material temperature, air duct elbow bend parts set sound; duct proper positions set muffler, produce duct installation to strictly enforce national standards for construction, fresh inlet muffler shutter, in the import and export installed fan impedance muffler. For larger cross-sectional area duct, duct hanger used rubber damping pad, as far as possible to ensure that the pipe does not produce vibration noise, if the duct installation strength and overall stiffness is not enough, can produce friction and vibration noise. (4) conduit installation: conduit installation to strictly enforce national standards, hanger can not be fixed on the floor, should be fixed on the beam, ZhuGanGuan frozen water and cooling water pipe hanger to use spring damping suspension, water pipe through the floor or wall casing must be used, and with a non-combustible material packing. 5. Equipment installation: fresh air, air conditioner using damping spring damper installation, the fan coil springs, hook, fan coil units with a hose is used to connect pipes, fan and duct connection using soft, soft joint is used to connect new fan and the water pipe. Sound-absorbing processing in air conditioning room, in order to prevent the equipment noise gaiden, such as air conditioner room sound insulation materials used retaining structure, in order to enhance the sound absorption effect, also can use stereo acoustic board, concave and convex shape room metope or condole roof, pastes absorption material inside the room, computer room and minimize the doors and Windows, to minimize noise gaiden equipment, use of the doors and Windows also should use acoustic or acoustic window blinds.
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