Precision air conditioning humidifier current large is what reason

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Electrode humidification works to bring a humidifying cans of water, the charged electrode inserted into the water, heat the water to form water vapor, and then by the main indoor fan will water vapor diffusion in the room, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification. The top of the electrode humidifying has three electrodes, the introduction of three-phase 380 v alternating current. A humidification current generally there are two big reasons. One is the humidifying cans scale dirt, excessive conductive resistance decreases. 2 it is due to excessive humidifying tank injection of water make the contact surface of the power supply electrode and water increases. These two aspects can cause the current increase of humidification. So in dealing with a diffuser or humidifier maintenance fault, first of all to clean humidifying cans. If the humidifying after filling and cleaning, air conditioning humidification current is still on the high side, then need to check air conditioning humidification controller parameter setting options. Such as humidifying cans model BLCT2C00W2, humidifying set voltage 400 v, humidification output probability of 50% 150%, set is normal, but the humidification current is big. Enter the menu manual drainage, drainage battery valve without action, found no 24 v battery valve coil voltage, check the result is battery valve and water drainage valve attachment to reverse, the humidifying water tank is too large.
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