Precision air conditioning humidification system of inspection and maintenance

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
1) Due to the different parts of the air environment is different, the use of humidifier and influence is different also, but we in the daily maintenance work of the same thing to do is to observe and whether there is precipitation tank material, if you have to wash in time, because now the humidifying cans are generally electrode type of air conditioning, such as sediment too much and don't wash in time, on the electrode fouling is likely to affect the service life of humidifying cans. Now of course some humidifying cans of electrode can be replaced. 2) Monitor the performance of the water and drainage solenoid valve is normal. In the process of humidifying system, often appear in the case of a, but not easy to determine, in the air conditioning system to work normally, for some reason there was a period of water cut off, and then restore water supply, after the restore water humidifying cans can't normal water, there are several reasons for this phenomenon, and in most of the air conditioner control system directly to the humidifying system reset is usually not able to solve the problem, Based on our years of maintenance, the main cause of this phenomenon is the air into the intake solenoid valve after water front, the intake solenoid valve normally open caused a certain influence, this kind of phenomenon, there are two more useful solution, one is to remove water inlet and drainage of air, 2 it is to turn off the humidification system of the power supply, back to the solenoid valve electricity also basically can solve such problems. 3) Check humidifying cans drainage unblocked, so that the need to drainage and the humidifying cans for repair. 4) Check the steam pipe was clear, guarantee steam humidification system to function for computer equipment humidifying. 5) Check whether the water leakage detector is normal, it is more important for humidifying system, because the pipes can easily form appear slack if it is not clear, such as water leakage detector is not normal, is prone to accidents. , of course, for the general air conditioning system, leak detector is option, such as the air-conditioning system is not equipped with leakage detector, so we must pay attention to the monitoring of drainage unblocked, at the same time also want to do a good job of waterproof wall of computer maintenance.
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