Precision air conditioning energy saving tips -

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
IDC air conditioning systems approach can be divided into three levels of energy conservation: first the component level and energy saving, through the adoption of more energy efficient components such as compressor, fan, water pump, cooling tower. But the component level and energy saving, for the entire data center air conditioning system, effect and benefit is very limited, for the effect of data center PUE is a drop in the bucket. Second is the product level and energy saving, energy saving effect greatly by two ways. One is to use the machine than higher air conditioning can effect comparing/cold work product, the other is using sensible heat ratio higher air conditioning products. Finally is the solution level and energy saving, by letting refrigeration equipment is more close to the heat source and the use of natural cold source this two ways to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning operation. IDC, the five energy saving scheme 1, the fresh air of air conditioning system with natural cooling: access to the low temperature air directly to the computer room; 2, air heat exchange with natural cooling: the low temperature of the outdoor air through air heat exchanger cold energy is transferred to indoor side; 3, natural cooling water heat exchange: the low temperature of the outdoor air through water heat exchanger cold quantity transferred to air conditioning chilled water system; 4, refrigerant heat exchange with natural cooling: by refrigerant pump or heat pipe, the refrigerant cycle between indoor and outdoor ling condenser evaporator and flow, using low temperature outdoor air take heat away.
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