Precision air conditioning energy saving technology, solve the problem of cost - for our customers

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, high performance, high density of computing needs high-speed growth, growing center precision air conditioning energy consumption problem. At the same time, about a precision air conditioning technology competition of energy saving of the center is open quietly, only truly precision air conditioning of the output, low energy consumption can help users under the action of high efficiency, low cost, bring greater benefits to the artificial intelligence. Public information, lenovo and other 免费的, 冷却” Surface system of PUE value ( Precision air conditioning center energy efficiency indicators, the closer to 1 indicates that the higher the level of energy efficiency) Control in 1. 1, net precision air conditioning center, a wholly owned subsidiary of science and technology of green cloud to 1. 049 of PUE mean to refresh the latest records the center precision air conditioning energy consumption, even lower than Google center released 1 precision air conditioning. 09 limit value. And most of the world's precision air conditioning center PUE is generally greater than 2. 2. Web host technology vice President li dong said that the current is the age of a precision air conditioning concentrated explosive growth, around the precision air conditioning load and calculation, web host technology continues to expand the industrial chain related layout, we believe that under the background of saving energy and reducing consumption in the center of the precision air conditioning, will have great development space. The growing popularity of the precision air conditioning technology, also has brought the steady growth of the market. According to reliable data show that from 2016 to 2023, the global precision air conditioning center will keep 27. 7% compound annual growth rate, by 2023, global market scale will reach 45 precision air conditioning center. $500 million, to become the world's IDC industry an important growth point. At the same time, the national policy guidance and further promote the popularity of precision air conditioning center. According to much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, by 2020, the newly built large cloud computing precision air conditioning center PUE value will be no more than 1. 4. China center industry development league secretary-general said Zheng Hong precision air conditioning, precision air conditioning center industry has entered the stage of development of specialization, refinement, and can reduce consumption of technology products and solutions will play an important role, green precision air conditioning center time has really come.
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