Precision air conditioning control - running environment

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
Companies use refrigeration equipment, inevitably has various shortcomings, the cause of the faults are also diverse. Once appear, fault, will affect the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment, so that enterprises in the use of refrigeration equipment, it is important to note that the daily production of precision air conditioning on time inspection and protection. The company should pay special attention to sour the serious influence to the equipment. Assuming that production environment lead to equipment corrosion problems, will greatly affect the service life of the refrigeration equipment. Hypothesis conditions, acid is much, will cause the equipment corrosion, only involves the key parts, refrigeration equipment can have various shortcomings. Here we were told to learn how to avoid the acid corrosion refrigeration equipment. Acidic materials only can damage the appearance of the refrigeration equipment and internal components. Especially in the moist environment, assuming acid cannot have any processing in a short period of time, it will cause serious corrosion problems on the surface of the device. Assuming that no corrosion on the surface of the manipulation, corrosion plans must continue to expand, until it affect the normal operation of the equipment. Method 1: to avoid the occurrence of corrosion defects, the enterprise must clean refrigeration equipment on time. Even in the highly acidic environment, only need to complete on time precision air conditioning clean, so acid does not constitute a refrigeration equipment faults. Only need to be able to adhere to the surface and internal standard acid-base balance, and will not affect the normal operation of the precision air conditioning. Method 2: provide appropriate work environment is very important. Assumes that the refrigeration equipment in the bad environment, it must be affected by all kinds of corrosive substances. In order to end all the work process, it can stick to acid and alkali environment, in order to meet the equipment work standards, and to avoid the influence of various acid on refrigeration equipment. Method 3: assume that the environment is highly acidic, it must be on refrigeration equipment cleaning on time. Companies must ensure that the refrigeration equipment in medium operating environment, not because of the high acidity and affect the service life of the refrigeration equipment, even there are many shortcomings. Adhere to the environment of acid-base balance, helps to improve the work ability of refrigeration equipment, reduce the impact of precision air conditioning planning all kinds of faults. Precision air conditioning work environment is very important. It just needs to grasp the method of the supply. Reliable refrigeration equipment no longer subject to acid corrosion, reduce the occurrence of defects, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the enterprise cost of protection.
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