Precision air conditioning cabinet airflow in how to allocate -

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
In the interior of the server, device is an electric fan on each of the heating components, coupled with reasonable air flow planning, the server's questions can be dealt with extremely well heat dissipation, so it is mostly to server vendors chooses. This is compared to the traditional cooling methods. Rack device closure device in blind after dinner, hot air discharge from the device, the cabinet and the blind plate supply the barrier function, blocking the hot air way of short circuit loop, and then fell hot air into the air intake may be. Although the priority IT equipment manufacturers are strongly recommend using the blind flange, but 90% or higher proportion of what is in the room all neglect this point. Hot air recycling question may cause IT equipment 8 ℃ temperature rise. Device closure is an extreme short process, can use very low capital used in almost all of the data room. After using the blind flange can be useful to control the temperature of the hot short circuit loop cabinet can drop room, and significant progress system availability. In addition, there are some advantages though not significant, but it is very important, need to clarify. ( 1) Short circuit loop of the refrigeration system compared with ambitious system, the influence of the existence of short circuit loop cabinet system cause the performance of the refrigeration system has fallen dramatically. Short circuit loop will form back into the refrigeration system of the air temperature is low, may cause the performance of the refrigeration system with lower work, it can no longer be satisfied with the capacity requirements. ( 2) Short circuit loop of total capital in order to deal with the influence of the short circuit loop formed by high temperature and cooling performance degradation, always have capital to add the most outstanding. Two popular the most commonly used processing plan is the outlet air temperature drop in refrigeration system and strengthen the refrigeration system performance. The two plans are demand requires a lot of unpredictable capital. Air flow constraints makes the equipment meet the cold air cannot be obtained, and the temperature increased. In addition, the constraints of the cabinet front end or back end on airflow also can aggravate in the absence of blind flange short-circuiting condition of air inside the cabinet space. Thus, crucial point is demand has excellent ventilation function and in its back-end cabinets of the space, have to meet the in order to prevent the cable to prevent air circulation. Rack planning reasonable rack planning policy is manipulation of the air circulation, namely to prevent cold air arrived in before air intake equipment, mix with the hot air. After put cabinet press line, cold hot channel skills, can be a dramatic drop in short circuit loop. In accordance with the method of planning back-to-back, choose according to relevant queries, roughly 25% of the computer room will each row of cabinets for consistent direction. Reasonable load distribution is not reasonable equipment location, especially in high power density equipment installation position, work may be significant to add room pressure. When the high load density, high power servers are grouped into one or more of the cabinet, there will appear high load density equipment group. This situation may cause data room is hot, and request the operator to take corresponding measures.
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