Precision air conditioning and the difference between ordinary air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Precision air conditioner is widely used in computer room, program-controlled switchboard rooms, satellite mobile stations, large-scale medical equipment room, laboratory, test chamber, high precision precision electronic instrument production workshop environment. Such an environment of air, such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness, air distribution requires a high degree of each index, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity within a certain range, if beyond the scope of precision air conditioning will not be able to work properly. And precision air conditioning must, safe and reliable operation of the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to protect the normal use of equipment. Common air conditioning is given priority to with residential or commercial, when you need to use the open and closed when not in use, the indoor air temperature, humidity, air flow distribution of demand is not high. Ventilation and air changes different precision air conditioning air output is big, good air circulation, because has the special air filter, timely efficient filter to remove the dust in the air, keep the room clean class. Common air conditioning due to send air volume is small, air changes little, can't guarantee enough velocity will be back to the dust filter, long-term accumulation of dust, easy to adverse impact on equipment. Air supply way different air supply way, is the point at which the air conditioning work for air circulation way, precision air conditioning on general have independent, independent of supply air, up and down at the same time supply three kinds of air supply mode. Every flow has four different wind speed gears ( Automatic, low speed, medium speed and high speed four block) , meet the use requirements of different occasions. And common air conditioning air supply mode and air volume is a single, optional sex small air volume, wind speed adjustment. The service life of the different computer room dedicated precision air conditioning is the minimum design life of 10 years, the continuous running time of up to 86400 hours, average rate of up to 25000 hours for no reason. In the process of practical application, computer room dedicated precision air conditioning can run life for 15 years. Common air conditioning only suitable for continuous operation, life calculated on running for half a year, every year can run continuously for 3 ~ 5 years, 3 times than computer room dedicated precision air conditioning differ.
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