Precision air conditioning and civil air conditioning - the difference between

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
1. Air conditioning can realize long-term reliable operation of civil air conditioning for intermittent operation, generally run no more than eight hours a day, a year to run 1 ~ 3 quarter, continuous operation will failure frequency is 1 ~ 2 years later, requires constant maintenance downtime, which not only bring security hidden danger to the base station equipment, and increased maintenance costs. And precision air conditioning in accordance with the 365 days & times; 24 hours non-stop, all-weather operation design, USES the industry standard of key components, perfecting the system of internal self-check and protection function, designed for zero downtime. Around heavy use of air conditioning is stable and reliable performance has been the user. 2. Air conditioning has broader grid adaptability of civil air conditioning mostly only & plusmn; Allows 10% of the input voltage range and many current local power grid, especially in rural areas is particularly prominent. With & plusmn; More than 15% of the input voltage range, the system also has phase sequence fault tolerance, wide voltage fluctuation, electrical properties, such as thunder, anti surge can be realized when the power is cut off the electricity from the start and delay start, and other functions, ensuring that the system is stable and reliable operation for a long time. 3. The sensible heat of the air conditioning has higher than the human body heat with heat and latent heat of two parts, and almost all machine heat to sensible heat. Sensible heat is reflected in the change of temperature, latent heat of the change of humidity. The sensible heat of the comfort air conditioning than 0. 65-0. 7, means that only 65% ~ 70% of the refrigerating capacity is used for cooling, excessive amount of latent heat cold continuous removal of moisture from the air, and the base station or small machine room are isolated, few personnel to enter, constantly desiccant will bring adverse effect to equipment humidity environment and increase energy consumption. To achieve efficient refrigeration, precision air conditioning is higher than 0. 9 sensible heat ratio design, that is, more than 90% of the refrigeration output is used to cool. Therefore, in selecting the same civil air conditioning refrigeration capacity and air conditioning, air conditioning to maintain temperature stability is better, at the same time will be less electricity. 4. Air conditioning can effectively prevent condensation phenomenon civil air conditioning based on the design of small volume and large enthalpy difference, low temperature design (the wind out 10~14℃) , easy to appear in rack & other; Dewing & throughout; Phenomenon, to the reliable operation of the communication equipment bring serious security hidden danger. Based on the design of the big air volume, small enthalpy difference, outlet air temperature is higher, 16~20℃) , can effectively prevent engine rooms & other; Dewing & throughout; Phenomenon, at the same time provide a larger air output to quickly adjust the room temperature, and ensure the uniform temperature distribution in all parts of the machine room. 5. Air conditioning has more powerful network management of civil air conditioning based on its applications, without integrated monitoring function, even if the individual brand of civilian air conditioning provides do monitoring components, also can provide some simple temperature and humidity data transfer and the alarm output indicates the basic function such as stem node point, far cannot satisfy the highly centralized control functional requirements. When has more air conditioner run in parallel, linkage control refrigeration capacity output, cannot cause the increase of energy consumption or frequent start-stop, etc. Rooms dedicated air-conditioning configuration standard RS232 and RS485 interface, open standard communication protocol, has rich perfect centralized monitoring function, can not only has the basic function such as the switch machine and remote monitoring temperature and humidity conditions, and can be set parameters, remote monitoring system of key components of state, giving detailed alarm information, etc. , fully meet the needs of the centralized monitoring, more suitable for unattended station/small than civil air conditioning room. Need more air conditioners linkage situation can not only effectively the linkage of all other manufacturer of air conditioning, but also can control according to the base station heat load intelligent refrigeration capacity output, energy saving and worry. 6. Air conditioning has more human interface civil air conditioning use icon display system running status, code displayed on the alarm information, parameter setting can change at will. Bring inconvenience to maintenance personnel, at the same time also increased the risk of system parameters were altered, and thus the ability of computer communication equipment and reliable operation.
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