Practical method to reduce the consumption of data center power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-22
Use variable speed fans server fan speed each 10% reduction, can reduce about 30% of power consumption. Visible the fan turn the faster, the greater the energy consumption. The fan only consumes power, rotating at the faster transfer, the greater the power consumption. If at the time of CPU utilization is low, you can turn the fan speed down, can quickly reduce the energy consumption of each blade. This server, UPS power supply, refrigeration equipment within the same power supply line, etc and all kinds of power equipment are all into consideration, in the range of consideration, at the same time, plus need to use a fan for cooling & quot; Hot & quot; Area. Improve air temperature data center infrastructure providers, said modern server can be up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit under the environment of normal operation. However, over the years, many data to the server running temperature at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the data center of the air temperature increase several times, you will find that the energy consumption of the cooling system will immediately drop, and the performance of the server is not affected by any, but need to closely monitor the operation of this kind of environment server avoid outside. Server room temperature change on the managers, of course, also can bring some effect. For example needs to change to employee dress code, work because they need to wear more thin clothes. Using a much larger scale, rotational speed slower disk drives this proposal is not suitable for the high demand of business applications, such as financial database or key system need to run 24 hours a day. However, for most of the low utilization rate of the data, using a larger, slower disk drive to replace the small quick drive is a good idea. The words, the disk drive is less, then the less energy consumption, the less heat. Although said that this kind of project investment cost is higher, but for more storage needs of enterprises, they will soon be able to see the value of this project.
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