Performance - UPS power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
UPS's ability to adapt to all kinds of load here refers not to stability, such as voltage waveform distortion, frequency stability, dynamic response time, backup conversion routine index such as time, and pay attention to is under some special load configuration, UPS whether can normal operation. Such as strong capacitive load, impact load, rectifying and filtering the input load, load with a linear transformer with power input. To investigate the performance index with nonlinear load capacity ( The output power factor) , with periodic impact load capacity ( Crest is broken) , with random impact load capacity ( For endurance and maintenance to overload or short circuit) And three-phase unbalanced load capacity, etc. Intelligent and network maintenance ability of UPS intelligent and network maintenance is a new technology, the use of those who have a process of gradually realize and extended range from time to time, when choosing to pay more attention to the following three questions. First, the function of the software, and usually should include peace closed system, state test record system, management system, UPS itself to include the environmental monitoring system. Second, the software can support the operating system of varieties ( Compatibility) And operability. Third, the software provides the best to get the operating system of the manufacturer's testing and certification. Advances in battery performance, strengthen the management of the battery website system customization on battery, pay attention to two problems, one is to choose excellent battery performance, 2 it is to think about discrete power UPS can use and management of the battery. At present, some advanced UPS manufacturer in this work is very effective. Such as on the basis of physical and chemical characteristics of battery charging circuit configuration, monitoring the battery status at any time, through the software to set maintenance, to charge and discharge the battery to stop floating voltage temperature compensation, under normal working state can heat change battery, etc. Secondary development survey of UPS system hardware system hardware system is secure key elements of the resolution UPS mainframe operation, to survey the contents include the manufacturer's technical level and mature consumption level, consumption ability and process level; The variety and quality of the component chosen; The advanced nature of the circuit and maturity level, etc. When it comes to circuit method and the advanced level, in the present various types of UPS power supply can meet the using request discrete conditions, the exact conclusion level fluctuation and the performance is very difficult, also is not good, but the circuit structure of modified from time to time inevitably bring UPS new performance, such as interactive circuit structure, although each circuit way there are still differences, circuit maturation level is differ, but they have one thing in common, they are using the power compensation principle of ac voltage regulation circuit, the progress efficiency reduce inverter working strength, thus advances the machine running on the firm sex is absolutely good. Sensitivity and redundancy of the system configuration utility when a UPS capacity does not meet the demand, can use many sets of parallel, in order to progress strong sex, can use more than one redundant configuration, this in the UPS system configuration is presented modular technology, many sets of parallel, series-parallel redundancy, bypass maintenance technology, and so on, the progress of the sensitivity of the power supply system, expandable, maintainability and solid progress has obvious effect.
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