Overview - modular UPS power type

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Modular UPS power mainly divided into the following two types: 1, the power modular UPS. Consists of frame and power module. Power module including traditional UPS rectifier, filter, charging, inverter and other parts. But static by-pass and parts of the system control and display Shared a frame, independent control of the power modules in parallel operation. The upper cabinets display control module only as users switch UPS host and network monitoring platform. 2, fully modular UPS. Consists of frame with monomer module, every single module is equipped with the UPS power supply and control circuit, including static bypass switch rectifier, inverter, and accessory control circuit, the master CPU board. Each UPS module has independent management screen. Relative industry development at present, the high power modular UPS power generally adopts the first type, small power modular UPS generally USES the second type, and the common characteristics of two types of UPS power transformation part is independent control, and can realize the N + X in parallel, thus ensuring the reliability of the modular UPS. Modular UPS application of modular UPS power supply is widely used in data processing center, computer room, ISP services, telecommunications, finance, securities, transportation, taxation, health care system, etc. Manufacturer, because of the large modular UPS technical difficulty on research and development cost is very high, so the price is higher than ordinary traditional UPS. With the progress of r&d investment in the domestic manufacturers, technology will lead to improve the reliability of the modular UPS is more conducive to mass customization, the cost will be showed a trend of relative decline.
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